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Turn Up The Good Vibes With Sol Romero's New Single, "Goe Party"

Mexico City-born international recording artist and actress Sol Romero is treating her loyal fans to an exciting new pop single titled "Goe Party."

The Mexican-Swiss performer is best known for her roles in films like Casino Royale, The Legend of Zorro, and Memory. Having studied acting at RADA in London before starting her music career, Sol's debut single, "Turn It Up," landed in the top ten in Switzerland in 2015, followed by "Money Makes the World Go Round" ft. French Montana.

Now living between Los Angeles and Switzerland, Sol Romero is driving her artistic career forward with a new single, "Goe Party," a calming yet inspiring, feel-good pop track that will sweep anyone off their feet. Sol Romero's vocals and the song's uplifting feel are irresistible, and it's just in time for the upcoming summer season.

Jumping into "Goe Party," we're greeted with dreamy synths and electric guitar melodies that lead into Sol Romero's breathy, tender vocals. While she sets the scene with champagne spilled on the floor and watching the time fly as she's having fun, Sol invites everyone to this party and reminds us that life's too short to stop smiling. It's a refreshing reminder that anyone can appreciate.

Sol Romero's gentle yet melodic vocals blend seamlessly with the accompanying pop instrumentals to create a lush and deeply immersive listening experience. It's clear that this is only the beginning for Sol, as tunes like this are sure to take her career to new heights. And if you're looking for a new summer anthem that literally encourages you to "Goe Party," we've found exactly that.

Hear it yourself and find Sol Romero's newest single, "Goe Party," on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to Buzz, Sol! We love the uplifting and inspiring feel of your newest single, "Goe Party." What inspired you to create a song that encourages listeners to get out there and have fun?

I wanted to create a song that encouraged listeners to go have fun because enjoying yourself is the key to happiness. I’m always happiest when doing something I enjoy, and I love seeing other people enjoying themselves, too. So, I wanted to share that with them.

How does "Goe Party" stand out from the rest of your songs? What makes this song different and unique?

I think of “Goe Party” as one of my best songs. It combines soft pop with some upbeat elements that are similar to my past hit, “Turn it Up.” And I think that’s why I like it so much.

Did you work with any producers or musicians to help bring "Goe Party" to life? What were those collaborations like?

I worked with a producer in London named Jake Jones. He’s very good at what he does and super easy to work with. It’s important to have a producer that you click with who also understands your voice. Collaborating with him is always a good time.

What was your favorite part about creating such a fun-loving track like "Goe Party?” What did you enjoy most?

My favorite part of creating the song was coming up with new ideas. I loved thinking of new ways to create the backup vocals and things like that. One thing I love to do with Jake is sit next to him and listen to all his instruments as he records. It’s so great seeing how he works in real-time. I also like to see what I’m doing wrong or right and what I may want to try recreating vocally. We always come up with new ideas together—and that’s what I enjoy the most.

What was your goal in terms of the listener's experience with "Goe Party?” What did you want them to take away?

Go party! Go have fun! That’s really the message I wanted to share. Just go and have a great time! In a world filled with dark and depressing moments, I want to remind everyone that there are also reasons to be happy. I wanted to put an emphasis on that. There are things in life worth celebrating. We all need to take the time to appreciate the good parts of life and the things that bring us joy!


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