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Turn Up This Weekend With Dani Dash’s New Single, “Freakin’ You”

From Harlem, New York, the striking singer-songwriter and pop/r&b recording artist Dani Dash dances through our speakers in a hot new single, "Freakin' You."

With a unique voice that commands your attention, it wouldn't be long until Dani Dash made her way into the music industry. After catching the attention of A&R Antonio Roded from Def Jam, her career began to blossom. In October of this year, Dash was featured as an Artist Spotlight for her EP on the Power Connect on Fubu Radio.

Now scooting over to our speakers, Dani Dash recently released her groovy and passionate single, "Freakin' You," which is nothing but a treat to the ears. The song offers the perfect balance between pop/r&b production and organic instrumentation to absolutely melt our hearts. Dani Dash's performance is a whole other individual, unique, and refreshing aspect.

Diving headfirst into the new single, "Freakin' You," the song opens with a lively brass arrangement that takes us over to the groovy r&b/hip-hop hook, drenching us in all sorts of sonic nostalgia. As Dani Dash makes her way in, she begins to passionately sing about wanting to engage herself in someone's intriguing ways.

She later jumps into her melodic and rhythmic verse that gets our toes tapping alongside the heated production and spicy brass instrumentation. After a long week, this song is the perfect track to turn up to, and we're definitely excited to bump it at our next jam. As Dani Dash makes her way to the outro, she leaves us with the utmost confidence and poise while closing out the passionate and sultry experience.

Get your freak on with Dani Dash's latest single, "Freakin' You," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Dani Dash. We can't get enough of the groove and vibe of your latest single, "Freakin' You." What inspired you to create such a sultry and exciting song like this?

Honestly, I had just dropped an EP and two videos and it was displaying my original sound of RnB. I really wanted to take a classic girl power record and turn it into something fun and fresh and modern. It's a sample of "Creep" by TLC! A lot of people were telling me that I should remake a classic song with my sound and spin it with my artistry, and so I was thinking of songs that have that timeless drop to this day. I came across a beat I had from years ago and felt like it needed some fine-tuning. The lyrics came easy bc I wanted to cater to the original but get with the current times.

Who produced the engaging and melodic production for "Freakin' You?" What sort of atmosphere or feeling did you want the production to emit?

The record was produced vocally by me as well as Kia Shavon "The Mix Artist" who has worked with some other big names in the industry. It was her first time producing a record for me, so it was important for me to sit down with her and make sure we got the true essence of who Dani Dash is. We had a couple of hiccups, but ultimately our love of music was successful, and we were able to collectively give this timeless, refreshing sound of old school and new school RnB. I really wanted the record to scream "GIRL POWER," and I wanted women to feel like it's okay to be honest, upfront, and to the point about or sexuality. Embrace it, life is too short not to take charge of a situation, and that's why you get those in your face lyrics!

Is it easy for you to write such sultry, expressive, and playful lyrics, like the words in "Freakin' You?" What was your songwriting process like?

It comes so naturally for me to write, especially with a record like Freakin You! I just tapped into my divine sexuality and let loose! I wanted the words to catch your attention as well as the harmonies and melodies attached to them. I just wanted it to command your attention and keep it the entire time. So I figured go big or go home. We've all had those nights where we may have had a sip and just want to have some fun, and we don't hold back. I felt it was needed, in this day and age where being yourself isn't always suggested! I'm not hiding behind timid lyrics, I am a Grown Woman, and that's just period.

Do you usually create such lively and groovy songs like "Freakin' You?" How do songs like this help us get to know your music and sound better?

I feel there's a connection and pattern in my music. We can all relate to every song I write and record. I try to give you a little bird of every mood while staying true to my 90's RnB roots. I think it's extremely important to give people music they can listen to years from now and say, "wow, I felt that, rewind that what did she just say." On top of vocal ability, you have to connect with your audience. I have a song for every vibe you need, and I think that sets me apart from most artists! I'm not a one-trick pony, I can do it all, and I think this record proved that there's longevity and versatility within my artistry.

What goals do you have going into 2022 with your music?

For 2022 and beyond, the plan me and my manager Jennifer Foster of Le Royale MGMT have is to completely take over. More radio play, more press, hopefully entering the charts sooner than later, and just having it be my breakthrough year as an upcoming R&B singer/songwriter. I'm dropping a record on 12/12 and then will follow up with another record. Then in February, I will be dropping my 3rd project! Also, in spring, hoping this record gets the recognition it deserves, I would love to shoot a video for it, hoping it can be stamped by TLC bc that would take this to new heights! Expect major things from Dani Dash in 2022! Remember I said this!

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