TuskHead is Back with a Personal New Single, "Regrets"

Welcoming back with open arms to Buzz Music is TuskHead with his latest release "Regrets."

This latest hit is an all-out family affair featuring nieces Debora & Rebecca generating harmonious backup vocals, as rolling melodies of guitar riffs wash over you. TuskHead also known as Patrick van Zandwijk, sings with nuance and detail, as his voice embodies the heartbreak in "Regrets" tale.

"Regrets" is a personal account over overcoming the feeling of regret and the search in finding someone who will once again fill your cup with satisfaction and happiness. There is a folk-inspired backbeat that grounds TuskHead's latest release, and the use of his resonator guitar builds a larger presence of sound rather than your typical acoustic. The rolling twang the resonator produces is an infectious addition to this enjoyable track. TuskHeads ability to grab his listener's attention through his personally crafted lyrics is a testament to his songwriting strengths. "Regrets" straddles both emotions of sorrow and hope which he articulately portrays through songwriting, "it's hard to say I don't regret the things I've done," "to say all this has brought you to where you are today, but I can say I'm happier this way," are lyrics that perfectly encapsulates "Regrets" meaning.

Stream "Regrets" here.

Hello TuskHead and welcome back to BuzzMusic. We loved your latest hit "Regrets." What does the song mean to you personally and how are you hoping your listeners connect with it? The song means a lot to me both personally and musically. The song is about dealing with regrets, no matter what they are, and the search for a way to move past these regrets and turning them into something positive.  "Regrets" presents the healing journey you are currently on. Why was it important for you to include your nieces Debora and Rebecca on this song? When I finished recording the first version of this song it felt like there was still something missing. It needed more dynamics, an extra voice to give the song and the message more power. I occasionally help my nieces with the recording/producing of their covers/originals so I thought maybe they'd like to step in and help me out. When I asked them they were immediately on-board and super enthusiastic about the idea. That's also what gives the song extra meaning now, besides the message it's now also a memory of collaborating with the family to get this message and song out there. We really loved the resonator guitar's effect it had on "Regrets." It creates a wailing aspect of sound. Do you regularly experiment with different instruments in your music? Totally! I love experimenting with music. I started out writing solo (instrumental) music around 7 or 8 years ago. The only thing I did back then was trying to just create something new every time. Now I've been singing for less than a year and I still think the experimenting part is super important to help you find your style and voice. I've always loved the country and related styles of music and now I'm figuring out it's really starting to fit me as a songwriter too. Which makes me very happy, haha!  How do you feel your sound has grown and evolved since launching your career in music?

I think it has grown a lot. Like I told before I started out only writing instrumental music. Not only because I loved it, but also because I thought I wasn't good enough to write lyrics or sing songs. That's something you have to move past, stop holding yourself back. I guess when you grow as a person you also grow as a musician. My sound has organically grown from instrumental (rock) into a mixture of folk, country, and rock with lyrics that fit where I'm at in my life right now.

What can fans anticipate next from you TuskHead?

I'm working on a couple of covers and I think I'll start working on my next album this summer. Besides that, I'm going busking around Europe a bit with my good friend Ronald Woudenberg, a fantastic musician! We've got a two-man band together called Purple Patron which we really want to take to the next level. We're also re-releasing two covers we did on Spotify and we're currently writing new originals. It's really fun to be able to switch from writing solo (as TuskHead) and writing and playing music together as Purple Patron.