Twice Bleached Makes Their Powerful Statement With “When I See You”

Twice Bleached is a Canadian punk rock band formed in Windsor, Ontario by lead singer and rhythm guitarist Shane Owchar, in the fall months of 2018. While living in Windsor, Shane teamed up with lead guitarist Graham Dolson, bassist Noah Renaud, and drummer Nick Baddeley to record demos in Graham's basement. Not long after Shane and Graham hooked up with local producer Derek Impens to record their debut self titled EP at South Bridge recording. With the EP finished and the lineup ready to go. Shane hastily moved to Toronto in search of more connections and musical opportunities. On August 3rd, 2019, Twice Bleached released they're self-titled E.P and played their debut show at the Supermarket in Kensington Market, Toronto. With more music on the way, Twice Bleached is very excited to finally be gigging and eager to get back in the studio for Late 2019.

“When I See You” is the explosive intro track to Twice bleached self titled EP. Bringing back the lightness and energy of punk rock, alongside thoughtful songwriting and long-form melodic development, “When I See You” feels enjoyably nostalgic but also introduces a fresh voice and a new approach to lyricism. At the same time, it seemingly walks the link between hard-rock and catchy punk-pop, occasionally feeling a little more indie and almost grunge-like in the way this leading voice pours through. There’s a detailed story at work throughout the song, plenty of openness and reflective ideas emerge, in contrast with that though is the fact that the song is decidedly upbeat sounding. The opening moments fill the room with optimism, the further you listen to the song though, there’s a definite level of depth to these lyrics, and they quickly become the track’s greatest selling point. Absolutely worth a listen!

Check out “When I See You” here and read more with Twice Bleached below.

Hey Twice Bleached! How did you come to create your EP “Twice Bleached”?

The songwriting process for Twice Bleached was started in Shane's parents house after he had moved back to Windsor from Toronto to save money for future musical endeavors. Originally the songs were being written for Shane's prior band The Kid Lickies, which was currently on hiatus at the time. After a couple songs were finished, Shane realized that this was a whole new project in itself and quickly met up with Graham, Noah, and Nick to start recording demos in Grahams basement. Not long after we linked up with Derek Impens at South Bridge recording and made the EP. A lot of the recording process was very improvised. We were drinking and smoking throughout the whole process, and just having fun with it. On songs like Peach Dreams, you can actually hear Derek crack a beer during the first guitar solo and promptly yelling out like a cowboy. It was a lot of fun making the record and we can't wait to start working on another one.

What would you say is the most distinctive characteristic or trait of this new music?

The thing that separates us from everyone else is probably the unorthodox songwriting processes and the scattered influences within the music. The music has an outdated feel yet, in the same way, feels ahead of its time. It's the weirdest thing because our sound can fit into pop genres, as well as punk and rock genres. We like to believe anyone can listen to it and appreciate what we are doing with this project. As for the songwriting, a lot of the songs were Frankensteined together combining old verses written years ago with new choruses and bridges. This gave the songs a different feel as it plays through, keeping it interesting for the listener.

Can you dive into more details on the lyrics of “When I See You”? What inspired this song?

When I See You is about poisonous relationships that stem from the idea that It's best to put aside all emotional ties and just enjoy the physical satisfaction of being together. The song talks about how everyone wants to be loved but not everyone is ready to commit. The truth is, everything is easier when feelings are left out, but both parties will likely be left in a state of confusion. The song basically questions whether it's healthy or not to be in these kinds of relationships, with the ultimate decision of "yeah, its not that bad, I'm emotionally distraught but I'm sure as hell physically satisfied."

What’s the overall theme of your new EP “Twice Bleached”? What do you hope your fans take away from it?

I'd say the overall theme of the EP is about the struggles of personal relationships vs the struggles we have with ourselves and the connection between the two. A lot of the lyrics dive into the idea that it's hard to be a friend, a lover, or even family member for that matter when you're dealing with your own mental problems on the daily. The EP also touches on how past events can stay with you in such weird forms of stress, anxiety or panic and the only way to overcome these things is to keep on living and learning until the memory kind of fades. It's a bittersweet truth but truth nonetheless. Life ain't easy, people are confusing, drugs and alcohol make problems go away. That's the recipe for a roller coaster ride of a lifetime, and as far as I'm concerned, we're all living it.

Do you have any hints of tour dates or upcoming show you’d like to talk about?

Right now we are working on playing more shows within Canada. Unfortunately, we are still such a small project that it is hard to start talking about touring until we have a bigger following nationally or internationally. We do know that we will be playing some more shows in Toronto and Windsor throughout the rest of 2019, and we would love to start touring sometime in 2020, but right now it is just not our #1 priority. That being said if anyone hears our music and would like to tour with us, send over an email because we are always looking for new opportunities to get our music out there.

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