Twinspan Offers an Escape From Our Reality With Their Dynamic Single,"Stasis"

The sonically striking 3-piece Metal band Twinspan takes listeners through the blistering celestials of their high energy sound with a fiery release titled, "Stasis."

Twinspan has undergone various changes within their sound and members, landing them their core group consisting of guitarist/vocalist Matt Delcambre, bassist/vocalist Reid Markham, and drummer Patrick Case. After a two-year hiatus, Twinspan decided to remind listeners of their scorching sound through present-day releases.

Their latest single, "Stasis," fires listeners up with prime Metal sounds through Twinspan's immense and raw talent that shines through each meticulously placed instrumental. As vocalists Matt Delcambre and Reid Markham blast through the track with their dynamic vocals accompanied by the band's versatile instrumentals, the song offers a gripping experience from top to bottom.

"Stasis" begins with Matt Delcambre's fiery lead guitar while layered with a punchy rhythm guitar that stomps through the track's low end. Also scorching up the low-end is Reid Markham's thumping bassline and Patrick Case's ever-changing tempo on the drums.

Listening to Matt Delcambre deliver his vocals within the intro, he offers more of a melodic Punk-tone up until the hook where he blasts into the stimulating tone of Metal approached angsty vocals. The track is jam-packed with sonic twists and turns that Twinspan heatedly delivers while allowing the listener to completely engage themselves in the song's dynamic experience.

Ending the song off with a filtered guitar that hums dark and haunting melodies, Twinspan has undoubtedly haunted up our days with their blazing single "Stasis." With each dynamic aspect that pays tribute to prime-time Metal, Twinspan offers heat from beginning to end.

Was "Stasis" the first single your band created after rejoining from your hiatus? How long was the song in the making?

"Stasis" was indeed the first song we wrote after getting back together and by coincidence, it's the first single we made a music video for. But there is definitely going to be singles we plan on putting out, we just felt Stasis was a strong first single, we really connected with it when we wrote it and found a lot of our close friends enjoyed it so we rolled with it!

Was there a particular concept that inspired the lyrical message on your single "Stasis?" How did you write your lyrics around the song's inspiration?

The inspiration for Stasis is just the idea of growing up. Twinspan has been together for over 7 years now and we have seen each other grow up to some extent and it is just crazy to us to see where we have ended up after all these years so that's where the inspiration comes from. It's about some of the more conceptual parts of getting older and really becoming an adult, being that for most of Twinspan's lifetime we were really just kids still. So, the lyrics focus heavily on ideas like dreams, the declination of the soul, and becoming wiser but in the process just becoming more unaware of things. It's a heavy topic song, we wouldn't necessarily call it emo or emotional but it's definitely a little sad in nature. However, it's all from the heart and how we feel so we love it nonetheless!

How did your band create your instrumentals within "Stasis" to offer such a broad and dynamic sound? Is your creative process the same for each track your make?

You know we spent a lot of time crafting each of the songs on this album coming out and so each song really is crafted in its own special way. No two songs sound alike at all and we have explored some avenues of writing that we haven't previously explored in our music. But with Stasis, we did kind of follow the basic song structure that one would expect from a radio hit but somewhat with more focus on providing a variety of riffs. The intro is definitely inspired by how a lot of early 2000s metal artists had a different time signature intros from the rest of the song and the breakdown has that very late 2000s metalcore vibe. But when we're focusing on the verses and chorus, it was all about the melodic structure of the vocals and trying to big and epic. We did this through some combination of studio techniques and writing techniques, using stuff like full chords instead of just power chords and using synths and stuff. Overall though, I think our goal was just to write the most "Twinspan" sounding thing we could with this album and Stasis is definitely one of the testaments to that goal.

Seeing as you're releasing an album titled 'Erratus' on December 8th, 2020, might we hear "Stasis" on the forthcoming project? Or are you heading in a different direction than what the single offers?

Stasis will be Erratus but don't expect to hear an album that is everything like that song. It's a good middle ground song because we do get heavier and we do get much lighter in sound from that. We have an acoustic track, a real deathcore-sounding track, a pop-punk sprinkled throughout, and a lot of little fun surprises.

What can fans anticipate to hear next from you?

The next they can plan to hear is Erratus and some really great tour stuff happening next year as well as a bunch of other little things to come in 2021!