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Ty Jam3s Released A Smooth-Sailing Vibe Hit, “Falling In”

Ty Jam3s is an artist who symbolizes three important rules of life. “Good mental, spiritual, physical health.” he believes in channeling his creative urges to produce great music. Since he was a little boy he would always dance and create music. His parents are from the islands so he came up with a structure of rhythm. He likes to have a creative music mind and likes to float in it.

Ty Jam3s at the age of two decided he would take a long lasting vacation to Costa Rica. This vacation became permanent for about 8 years so technically he grew up spanish as it was his first language. His music inspiration comes from his older sister Jessica James who is also an artist herself. Ty hopes to share his life story with everyone and this is why he’s recording music himself.

Ty Jam3s released his single titled “Falling In” and we were completely mesmerized by the smooth-sailing R&B roots that was displayed. His articulation, his tonal quality, his vocal delivery, everything was beautifully produced. I really found myself becoming lost within the transporting music. The vivacious sound was still lightly soothing. The cooling and authentically organic atmosphere “Falling In” delivered was enchanting. There isn’t much music like like this that’s out right now. The market of R&B in mainstream is not as big as it should be, therefore there’s a huge place for Ty Jam3s and we’re positive he’s able to fill this gap. “Falling In” had a timeless and unforgettable energy you won’t regret. Sometimes we need a smooth-texturized vibe song to get us in the mood with everything, “Falling In” is the perfect hit for that. We’re excited to see what Ty Jam3s has in store for us with his future releases. He’s a vocalist, a skilled creator, and an all-around attractive artist who has the right package to make it in the game.

Check out "Falling In" and read more with Ty Jam3s in our exclusive interview below!

Welcome To BuzzMusic Ty Jam3s, in what ways have your three rules of life benefited your journey in music so far?

Man that’s a great Question. Well you know, to me life is made up of three major components, a spiritual, mental and physical. I say this because, “ In order to have faith you have to believe and then act.” How much energy you put in =, is how much you will get out. So I can definitely tell you , that it has benefited my music very much.

Tell us about your record “Falling In”! This was a nice song we thoroughly enjoyed, what was the theme behind it?

Wow, Thank you. That’s one of my personal favorites. I was facing an enormous cloud of emotions. I wanted to keep it heartfelt, and honest as possible.

You have a strong classic R&B presence about your artistry! You noted your sister being a strong influence, are there any artists from the past who may have impacted your style as well?

Well thank you , yes she definitely inspired me. The first time I heard my sister sing , I thought something was wrong with me. My face was twitching and my body was tingling. I couldn’t believe the sound , it was amazing. She’s seven years older than me, and she began singing from the age of three. Full songs, with all the expression in the song. My family was very biblical and spiritual back then, so secular music wasn’t really allowed in the house. But you know as I grew and did my own thing I discovered a lot of amazing artist like Donny Hathaway, Stevie Wonder , then Chris Brown , August Alsina, Usher , Trey songs , Ne-Yo etc.

What emotion did you have to channel in for this record and why?

Fear of being left behind , I was already feeling that energy through the my life experience at that time. I kinda just wrote how I felt, Something I couldn’t quite get out physically. Through words at least.

Tell us what’s next for the Ty Jam3s ?

Well I’m looking to have more visuals for you guys, as you know I just release my latest master piece “ Style n’ Groove “ go to Apple Music and Spotify to get that. Looking to book a few promo performances to get this song out, and  of-course I might or may not have an EP on the way. “ no dates yet, just keep up with me on my social media. 


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