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Tyler Allred Dreams Of A Romance Explored In “It Might Be Fun”

Sometimes, we all have to take a leap of faith.

At this point in Tyler Allred’s career, nothing can faze him. Originally from Battle Creek, Michigan, this talented artist would bravely relocate to LA to pursue his musical dreams.

Throughout his burgeoning career, he’s overcome depression, doubters, and struggles with addiction to get to where he is, showing outstanding grace and artistic ability while he did so. Tellingly, Tyler Allred’s music consistently does two things: uplift and inspire, showing his listeners that you can overcome whatever life throws at you.

Tyler Allred, an outstanding musical talent in every sense of the word, first burst onto the scene with his highly acclaimed debut EP “Everything Is Fine.” Since then, releases like “What’s the Move” and “Upside of Being Down” have shown that his artistic skill is no fluke, with each of his releases impressing in its way. With his frank, honest lyricism and warm, familiar, and comforting soundscapes, Tyler Allred’s releases wrap around you like a warm blanket, sapping your troubles away and making your worries evaporate.

From the moment the guitars on “It Might Be Fun” tenderly ring at the beginning of the song, you instantly get the tingly feeling that Tyler Allred is at his best here. His gentle voice washes over you like a nostalgic dream, simultaneously feeling close but slightly distant.

Lyrics like “If it looks like, tastes like, sounds likes, feels like a dream / I’ll hope that you catch my drift and know what I mean” add to the warm but slightly ethereal feeling of “It Might Be Fun.” Make no mistake, though; nothing in this song feels unfamiliar or alien. Tyler Allred has outdone himself yet again, but as he’s shown us, nothing can get in the way of his artistic dreams.

Tyler Allred’s latest release, “It Might Be Fun,” is a relaxing release that will melt your worries away and lull you to comfort. Whenever you’re ready, tap in and stream “It Might Be Fun.”

Welcome back to BuzzMusic, Tyler Allred; it is always a treat to have you here! We had to ask, could you take us through the creative process for "It Might Be Fun?"

I wrote this song a few years ago, actually, roughly 2018-19 ish, when my first E.P., Everything is Fine, was being released. Writing it happened organically, and I didn't think too hard about any of it, as with most of the music I end up recording. I generally feel if it's forced, it could be more authentic and worth keeping, with some exceptions. The recording process was fun and different for this song as I was fortunate enough to do so at Sunset Sound in Hollywood, which has so much history, Elliott Smith (my all-time favorite), Neil Young, The Doors, etc.

Who would your dream collaboration be, and why?

Conor Oberst, as his influences, pushed me toward going solo acoustic at the age of 14, and he's just one of my all-time favorite songwriters. Gucci Mane would be fun, too, though.

What's been your favorite part of your music journey thus far?

I'd have to say all the friends I've made along the way, and anytime I've been told one of my songs helped someone, even in a tiny way. I'm just glad to do it; it's been the most consistent thing in my life over the years.

What does music mean to you, and what goals do you want to achieve through your music?

Most of the time, I have no idea what the music means, and if I do, the meaning can change daily. I like that. There's rarely a clear, concise goal, which is fun. A lot of the time, writing songs makes me feel a deep hatred of myself and my music. I'll proceed to question why I still even bother, but then I'll finish a new one I fuck with and be like, "Oh yeah, that feeling. That's why."

What's next for Tyler Allred? Can we expect to hear more new music soon, and is there anything you want to say to your fans?

This single is the first release from my forthcoming E.P., "33 Days and a Wake Up". To any fans, I'd just like to express gratitude for letting me borrow your time and ears, and I hope you're having a fun time with life.


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