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Tyler Allred Follows Up "Anxious Anyway" With New Music Video

Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter and versatile recording artist Tyler Allred returns with an introspective new music video for his latest single, "Anxious Anyway."

In a recent interview, the expressive singer-songwriter dove into the simplicity and "bare-bones" approach of his recent single, "Anxious Anyway," stating that "it gives a pretty good sense of where I think my music is heading...just guitars, vocals, and drums."

As Tyler himself puts it, the song and, by extension, the music video is not crafted with a prescriptive message in mind. They are open to interpretation, making them an empathetic expression of challenging human emotions that anyone can appreciate.

While the song itself is quite bare-bones, so is the music video. The visuals for "Anxious Anyway" see Tyler Allred strolling Santa Monica Pier solo in black and white. It seems to be a very introspective music video. Considering the song itself is very emotional and personal, it portrays those anxious thoughts he sings of perfectly but from a unique angle.

As he treats himself to cotton candy alone and plays a few games solo, you notice that he's not performing at all. He's just going about his day. But that might represent the ongoing "anxious" thoughts he sings of, as he might seem cool on the outside, but he's struggling on the inside, even when he's riding the Ferris wheel. Of course, that's our interpretation, but it also looks like some needed "me-time" by the ocean...and what can beat that?

You can find Tyler Allred's newest music video for his recent single, "Anxious Anyway," on YouTube. The song is also available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome back to Buzz, Tyler! We appreciate the introspective and natural feel of your new music video for "Anxious Anway." Was there any particular motivation to shoot the entire video solo at Santa Monica Pier? And why in black and white?

Most of the credit goes to my friend Ryan Hilary. The pier was his idea, and we just figured we could get some interesting shots there. It was originally in color, but when watching it back, I thought the black-and-white matched the song better.

Throughout the video for "Anxious Anyway," you're seen engaging in typical pier things like eating cotton candy and playing games. What led you to portray these experiences alone, and how do they relate to the song's core theme?

We just thought it’d be funny to do fun activities while looking completely apathetic and bored. Not sure if it translated the way we wanted but it was something.

Why did you choose not to perform or sing in the music video for "Anxious Anyway?" What motivated that approach?

Never really been into videos with lip syncing or performance, at least not for myself. The next video I do I very likely won’t appear at all.

Was there any significance to that final smile in the photo booth near the end of the music video for "Anxious Anyway"? Does it represent anything in particular?

I think that was just to show that I don't take myself too seriously. In the Photo Booth, I awkwardly smile, but the photos develop with me still looking apathetic, with no smile. We did shoot this video on a whim and with very little planning.

How do you think the overall video for "Anxious Anyway" enhances the song itself? How does it tie into the song's core theme of anxiety and overthinking?

I’m not entirely sure it does, to be honest. I think, if anything, it just shows that when you’re stuck in your head all day, you might miss out on some things. 


Steele Nickle
Steele Nickle
2 days ago

Throughout the video for "Anxious Anyway," you're seen engaging in typical pier things like eating cotton candy and playing games. geometry dash subzero


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