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Tyler Allred Opens His Heart In An Uplifting New Single, "Often"

The Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter and alternative artist Tyler Allred releases an invigorating and inspirational latest single entitled "Often."

Originally from Battle Creek, Michigan, the singer-songwriter came to LA to recover from his struggles with addiction and to focus on his blossoming music career. After his move, Tyler Allred released his debut EP, 'Everything Is Fine," followed by various well-received singles that put his feel-good music on the map.

Now releasing his motivational and picturesque single, "Often," listeners can hear Tyler Allred delve into lyrics of keeping someone's secrets safe with him and wanting the best for them, even though they don't see each other very "Often." With help from his bright instrumentation and feel-good production, any listener is bound to feel lifted after taking one simple listen.

Jumping into "Often," the song begins with warm electric guitar strums, mid-tempo drum breaks, and Tyler Allred's delicious vocal stylings. Right off the bat, we can hear many vocal similarities to that of Mark Foster (Foster the People). As the instrumentals begin to expand with a punchy rhythm guitar and electrifying synth arrangements, Tyler Allred leads us toward the feel-good hook with nothing but good vibes.

As Tyler Allred continues his heartfelt and energetic performance, he reminds us to reach out to those who are close to our hearts, even if we don't see them "Often." We adore the warm alternative feel of this single as Tyler Allred leads us toward the outro with his scorching hot instrumentals and this all-around feeling of inner contentment.

Feel lifted with help from Tyler Allred's latest stimulating single, "Often," now available to hit repeat all summer long on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome back to BuzzMusic, Tyler Allred. We can't get enough of the uplifting tone and feel of your latest single, "Often." What inspired you to create this personal and relatable single?

Well, thanks! Honestly, this is one of those songs that when I started writing just completed itself very quickly without me having too much of an idea of what it’s about. Once I got to the line, “You’ll count your come-ups, not your losses, hope you’re still having fun,” it started to make sense to me.

What sort of instrumental atmosphere did you want to deliver within your latest single, "Often?" Did you have any help when creating the instrumental arrangements?

This one started as just a demo of my vocals and acoustic guitar, as most of my songs do. I sent it over to my great friend and collaborator Rain Man, and we proceeded to have an all-night session where we just built the whole song from extremely raw to what you hear now. We basically just kept adding different sounds we thought were fun until we had something we enjoyed listening to.

What message did you want to convey to your audience through your lyricism within "Often?" What did you want your audience to take away for themselves?

I suppose it’s just kind of a “Hey guys, I know life is weird, and we all have insecurities and doubt, but you’re a being of infinite love and potential, and life can be amazing, so be yourself and try to have a good time with it.”

In your own words, you've mentioned that you "write songs and sometimes do other stuff." Could you elaborate on the "other stuff?" What sort of musical endeavors do you typically dive into?

Of course, elaborate on the other stuff. I guess what I mean is normal human being activity. Also, it was just the easiest way out for me to not write an actual bio about myself because it feels weird.

What's next for you?

Oh Yes! The future! What a strange, intangible, arguably strictly imaginative concept! When I daydream, it always seems to point in the direction of more music. If I were a gamblin’ man, I’d place my bets on more songs.

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