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Tyler Lorette Embraces Heartbreak In, “Phantom”

At just 18 years old, Tyler Lorette is a Canadian pop singer-songwriter/multi-instrumentalist and producer from the Greater Toronto Area. With stream numbers in the millions, a viral fanbase, and a collection of singles that would rival an artist twice his age, the depth and maturity of his music truly set him apart. His story is just beginning, gracefully exploring topics like love, heartache, mental health, and identity.

The latest from Tyler Lorette has us navigating ourselves around the mind-altering “Phantom.” This pop ballad is such an intimate staple that it has us feeling the personal depiction of Tyler Lorette’s emotions in a broad capacity. As we absorb the dark set portrayed in his music video, we get a lot of one-on-one time with him as he opens his heart and encourages us to delve into profound sentiments.

These up close and personal moments allow us to feel the music much more as each scene showcased displays passion and hunger. The special effects of this masterpiece are a substantial focal point with each filmic tremor and flashing light that passes. A striking touch for us has to be the sparse lyrical motifs of Tyler Lorette infiltrating the screen as pieces of him get presented to us.

Heart-wrenching and dark, yet mesmerizing and delicate, Tyler Lorette is capable of having us connect with him through the beauty that is music and its visual pairing. A track that will help heal broken-hearted pop fans worldwide, its songs like this have us recognize his craft's heart.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Tyler Lorette, and congratulations on releasing your latest single and music video for "Phantom." Could you please share a glimpse into the moment or story that made "Phantom" happen?

Thank you so much! Yes, absolutely. I was sitting in my music studio on my piano, feeling heartbroken after a breakup, when the lyrics and melody just started to come out about how I was feeling at that moment. I felt emotionally drained, numb, sad, and lost and literally just wanted to erase the memories to make the heartache go away. I remember looking up and seeing some lyrics for a different song I was writing about the person, and I was like ya… I just want to burn those now, so I added that line into the song.

When coming up with the concept for the music video, what helped influence the overall vibe achieved?

For the video, I wanted it to be simple and more of a performance-based video than a storyline to really showcase the song. I worked with an amazing producer named Jamie Hodgins on the video who thought it would be dope to project images and the lyrics onto me while I was performing, and he was right; it fits the vibe. We also used a smoke machine to play into the haunting phantom theme and used some cool editing techniques.

How does it feel to have "Phantom" released to the public? How long did it take for this piece of work to be released?

I am so happy about it! On the night of the music release, I was live streaming on TikTok and Instagram, counting down to midnight with fans. I was feeling really excited to share it because I knew that many of them could relate to the song. I was also pretty emotional on my live stream when it was released because it was months of intense work of writing, producing, recording, promoting, and coordinating, all while dealing with pandemic lockdowns and restrictions, so I feel really grateful that it is finally out.

What advice do you have for your audience going through heartache?

My advice is to not bottle it up and make sure to talk about it with anyone who will listen. My healing came from talking to my family and friends, listening to songs I could relate to, and writing my own song about it. It's hard to know this at first, but I came to realize that the heartache was temporary. If you noticed, I put a key change in at the end of the song that represents moving on, so for anyone that is going through this right now, just know that eventually, you will move on.

What's next for you?

I have tons in the works right now, with lots of new music coming out and some upcoming concerts. I am really excited about performing live again because I miss seeing my fans in person.

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