Tyler Suarez Effortlessly Blends Genres To Create His Latest Powerhouse Track “The Journey”

At only 20 years old, Tyler Suarez has an ever-increasingly impressive musical catalog. A singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, Tyler has a unique genre-fluid sound that showcases his versatility and experience as a musician. Hailing from the small town of Naugatuck, Connecticut, Tyler released his 5th full-length album entitled "I Don't Feel at Home" and on September 8th he released "Exit 26.”, a reflective and introspective 6-track project.

The Journey” by Tyler Suarez is all about being confident and being true to yourself, despite what you’ve been through! Spreading positivity and good vibes, “The Journey” doesn’t hold any heavy subject matter or ill will, just infectious tunes and energetic rhythms. Whether he’s weaving through catchy verses or the addicting hook, Tyler’s powerhouse melody remains strong over top of the heavy backbeat. The lead vocals are equally mesmerizing as they take hold of the listener throughout the hook. Tyler has the admirable skill of creating content that’s relatable and inspiring for his listeners. An absolute hit and an impressively timeless song that will be playing on the airwaves for many months and years to come. We love what Tyler Suarez brings to the table and we’re looking forward to hearing more!

Check out “The Journey” here and keep scrolling for our exclusive interview with Tyler!

Welcome to BuzzMusic Tyler! "The Journey!" is your latest release and we’re hooked! How did the production go for the track?

Hey! Thank you so much. It is crazy to work on a piece of art for so long and then have it be out into the world. I love being a solo artist and being able to manifest moments from my mind into wavelengths. Everything within my songs is written, performed, recorded, produced, mixed and master by me. All of my music is mainly recorded in 'Fort Knox,' my home recording studio, but recently I have been tracking in the studio at the University of Bridgeport and in my dorm room. I find producing music in places you have a connection to comes through within the tracks themselves.

Your sound is so developed and confident, how long have you been making music? What pushed you to start?

That is one of the best things about creating. You can see and hear development and maturity within it. I released my first solo project in "Demos... Songs With a Meaning" 2015 when I was just 16, so to have that cemented in time and to go back and listen to it is like going through old photo albums of your childhood with your ears. I have been playing guitar since I was 4 years old. My family tells stories of me being in the grocery store and yelling out loud every instrument I heard on the radio as they pushed me through the store. I feel like I wasn't pushed to start music, it just always needed to come out of me. I believe there are so many restrictions words place on feelings that music is the only way to wholeheartedly express to people.

Can you try and explain the connection you feel that you have with your music? How do you project this connection through your music, to your listeners?

The biggest thing I think I have discovered is that when you are truly creating you should be doing it for yourself, not for anyone else. If you are trying to write a catchy song for people to dance to or one people will sing along to, you are doing it wrong. Art should be an extension of yourself, and if people connect to it then it makes the experience even more meaningful, but you are the one who has to initially make that meaning. Songs, for me, are sonic encapsulations of things that I have had to process from my life or those that surround it. I try and include indirect messages to listeners, not only through my sometimes cryptically poetic lyrics, but through the harmonic structures and chord progressions themselves. No one will every pick up every little Easter egg I throw into my projects, or what the songs mean to me, even if I explain it. Like I touched on previously, music picks up where words leave off. The true power of music is that no matter what, each and every person who listens to a song will take away something different.

We know that "The Journey" has an impactful meaning behind the lyrics. Can you explain to our readers the meaning behind the song? What inspired it?

With my new EP "Exit 26" I really wanted to dive deep into the true value of family, writing each song for and with someone who has a special spot in my heart. There are people in your life that shape you, and I wanted to take the lessons they have taught me and the guidance I have been given and shape that into songs that now have a special spot in my discography. The last track on the EP, 'The Journey' kind of sums all of that up. One of the biggest people in my life has always been my grandmother. We have the strongest bond and she is the one who taught me the invaluable lesson that "life is all about the journey," and that is what this song represents. Lines like "sometimes you don't know what your life is meant to be" are direct thoughts from my brain recently. We never truly know what we are here for or our purpose until we have that indescribable moment. That indescribable moment for me was sitting with my girlfriend and the rest of my family, talking, laughing, and all just being ourselves. That moment when everything seems to click into place. You can hear it all click into place in the song during the guitar solo. To describe that indescribable moment, I used a guitar. I hope people can listen to this song, and this EP, and use it as the soundtrack for them finding that moment and realizing what makes them truly happy and gives them purpose. For me, that is family and music.

Thanks so much for giving us this interview! Can we expect to see any upcoming releases or shows from you throughout the rest of 2019?!

I am always creating music. It feels unhealthy if I go to long without laying down a guitar part or a drum beat. I released a cover of Joni Mitchell's "Big Yellow Taxi" on my Bandcamp a few weeks back (bit.ly/BYTcover), but I am going to spend the rest of the year in the studio working on all my projects for next year so... 2020 is going to be a big one! Thank you for your time and I hope whoever is reading this smiles at a stranger today.


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