UK Alternative Rock Band I'm No Chessman Release New Song "Actors"

Hailing from the UK is an alternative rock band formed in 2013 who call themselves “I’m No Chessman” and they are sure to prevail in the music industry as they've released their single “Actors” that immediately begins with an enthusiastic and up-beat, fast-paced rock instrumental that rapidly propels the song forward before the charismatic vocals transitions in! The song is fun and lively while conveying the emotions of the lyrics! I like how the song gives me a sense of classic contemporary music vibes, especially the sound that was heavily popular in the 2009 era (my favorite time-period). Yet they still manage to embrace the current wave of music into their own incorporated brand and sound. Setting them apart from other artists that’s currently out and allowing them to demonstrate the true meaning behind “Bold”. With electrifying guitars and brashful vocal resonance, the band executed an extravagant single that I can hear communicating well with a target audience while having a digestible affect for a variety of different music fans. You can hear their new single "Actors" and follow I’m No Chessman on their social media where you will be up to date with what’s next!

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