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Learn to "Let Go," With ReepMan

Born and raised in South West London, ReepMan comes in full force with a smooth Hip-hop sound, punchy flows, and catchy choruses. The 23-year-old takes his inspiration from the greats of Hip-hop including 50 Cent, Jay-Z, Stormzy Mostack, and J Hus, all the way to Afrobeat/ Dancehall’s Vybz Kartel and Burna Boy.

Gearing up for the release of new music, the initial fan base he has built in his hometown is being expanded by the skill set of ReepMan, as he continues to work diligently on his craft.

Indulging in the ambiguous soundscape of his latest single “Let Go,” we’re greeted by instrumentation that enticingly pulls you into the mystery that it creates. The ominous resonance breaks into a fully orchestrated vibe of upbeat intensity, as the bass punches through the speakers in a prevailing manner. Melodically rapping verses that are doubled with their effect, the essence of ReepMan is undeniable.

He takes control of this beat in a way that has us copiously absorbed in where he will navigate us next. Through his spellbinding hook, which has you chanting the words right back at him, we embrace the trance-like spirit of “Let Go.” You hear an irresistible hunger that resides in the tone provided by ReepMan as he powerfully expresses lyrical motifs such as, ‘had it in bags a bundle of what that loud is growing higher than mountains.’

His words cast out vivid imagery that allows you some wiggle room to place your own images to what he is saying, as it’s brought to life through impeccable cadences that sweep into the musicality drastically. ReepMan embodies charisma and a unique wit that allows his music to propel us into a newfound dimension that we thrive in.

Congratulations on the release of “Let Go.” We love the energy that you serve on this release. What does this song mean to you and what are you hoping your audience takes away from it?

Thank you and I would say this track defines me as an artist, you get to hear my sense of humor and character on these tracks. I would hope for my audience to feel like I'm a breath of fresh air when listening to me, to take and leave a vibe and emotion with them.

Was there a specific moment or story that inspired the creation of “Let Go?" How long did it take you to create this song?

I think when I heard the beat drop that was the specific moment for me I wish I could say relationship problems or else, as to me referring to letting a girl on the chorus ha! but sadly not. I work very rapidly and at the time the energy was high on a Friday night studio session. That base made everyone get off their feet, so many vibes & ideas floating around the room so roughly within an hour the song was recorded, the sound represents UK Afro-Caribbean culture in London.

When you were bringing this vision to life, did you have a team help you with the production and release? What was everyone’s role and how did they help to capture the idea?

No, at that time it was just me and the engineer on the production side of things and Wave clan records were not formed yet, to be totally honest after recording the song I didn't even give myself a week to plan visuals or release rollout. At that time of my life being caught up in street activity, it was straight studio buying outfits and calling the cameraman to the block (estate) until wave clan record's vice president, Emeka White came along and started structuring plans for me and my label. when I approached him with the idea of starting a label and sign myself he didn't hesitate it wanted in ever since then we have become good partners and he manages to make me sign the distribution deal with EQ/roc nation on his birthday

What does “Let Go,” say about you as an artist and individual?

"Let Go" shows you how diverse my flow can be throughout the song, my lyrical ability, and my character all in one track. The fun fact is...this is a favorite song of mine so by listening to it you'll get to discover the type of individual I am and a song I'd share with someone being a first-time listener if you ask me. South London has a history of reggae called "lovers rock" funny I mention reggae I and Emeka were under a south London reggae legend's wing his name is asher senator he made a hit record called "character reference" in the 1980s with another south London reggae legend called smiley culture.

What would you like new listeners to know about you and your music?

I want my music listeners to feel a different type of emotions in my music and hear the genius rhymes I put together and also inspiring the world through hip hop and dance music even with the first mixtape I had dropped 'EnTrapreneur' being co-signed by Tim Westwood, every single song was different from the tempo to the sound. the UK rap tempo is normally 140BPM UK drill has mastered the art of keeping the tempo close to 140BPM 2022 my new records will be at a quality control level fans will see a diverse musician.


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