Uma Bloo Shares A “Lullaby” For All Of Us To Enjoy

Starting in 2016, after years of keeping it a secret, Molly Madden began playing shows and releasing music under her burlesque moniker “Uma Bloo”. Her music explores the depths of vulnerability, intimacy and existential crisis. Her single “Lullaby” is an intriguing single with a level of musical exploration that her listeners can be captivated by. With a vintage guitar chord mixed with Uma’s hauntingly beautiful rich tone, this song is an atypical hit. With an underlying message laying beneath the poetic lyricism, Uma Bloo knows exactly how to attract a listener attention and she proves this with the complex sound of “lullaby”. And not only can she wow your ears but she can also fascinate your vision with an interpretive music video she released to “Lullaby” that can be found on Youtube.

What we like most about this single and Uma Bloo as an artist is her brand is something uncommon, unusual, and an entity we don’t find every day in the music industry! If Uma Bloo consistently creates strategic material and lyrically compose music that express her inner thoughts and feelings she can be a force of nature and the un-expecting ingredient that completes us.

Listen to "Lullaby" on Spotify and check out our interview with Uma Bloo below!

Great to chat with you Uma Bloo! Care to introduce yourself to our readers?

Thanks for taking the time to talk with me! My (real) name is Molly Madden and I am a Chicago-based musician and songwriter originally from Cleveland, Ohio. Uma Bloo was born of a burlesque character I used to perform under and then decided to use for the name of my band

When did you develop an interest in music?

My earliest memories are from the hymns I heard in church. I was stunned and a little scared by how the songs sounded both like sorrow and celebration. I didn't enjoy church very much outside of that, but when we sang I felt grateful to witness music's evocative nature. Shortly after joining the chorus in the third grade, my mom bought a Sheryl Crow CD and I was so enamored with it that I asked for a guitar for my birthday. Since then music has been something I've protected and relished in my life.

Who do you think holds the strongest influence on your music today and why?

I'd have to say Patsy Cline. I love a country shuffle and anything that deals with the unrequited. Also, as a vocalist it was inspiring to hear her explore and use all different ranges to express an experience. When I listen to her I feel like bottomless depth.

Your song “Lullaby” is really unique. Do you mind sharing to us the idea behind it and the main lyrical interpretation?

I wrote Lullaby when I was alone and feeling the absence of someone I've never known.

What impact do you hope to leave on your listeners?

If anyone finds warmth or catharsis in my songs I'd be extremely humbled, but I mostly write for myself. I'm just trying to make sense of the world around me and writing songs has been helpful with that. Though, I do hope people find my music comforting.

What’s next for you!?

I am in the process of finishing a new single and forming music video ideas for it. After that my band and I are going to start demoing and recording for an extended work to come out sometime next year. And I'll definitely be playing some shows in Chicago for the time in between :)

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