Un'tld is Bold in the Vibrancy of "No Way"

23-year-old artist, Un’tld was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. Since the young age of 13, his passion and love for music and rap culture have helped mature his sound and lyrical talent.

Un’tld’s raw, uncut, and relatable lyrics have helped to grow his fan base and reach music listeners across the world. All the while his drive, ambition, and talent are sure to carry him into a long and thriving career in the music industry.

It’s hard not to be immediately captivated by the energy that Un’tld serves up. This holds up to be especially true in his latest single, “No Way.” Just in time for the simmering weather that’s going to be calling us all to the outdoors, there’s a heated passion that disburses from his lyrical dexterity as his words leave a powerful impact on the beat he flows over.

Chalked full of animated vitality that sweeps us up into his unrivaled magnetism, the entire soundscape of “No Way,” has us amped up with anticipation. There’s a certain hunger that Un’tld carries with him throughout his verses, as he navigates us to the mesmerizing chorus that’s bound to get stuck in your head. Pairing the heavy-hitting essence of “No Way,” with eye-catching visuals destined to have your utmost attention, Un’tld plays upon the sunny landscapes of California as he takes us through his braggadocious lyrical motifs that are laced with a confidence like no other.

We admire the growth that Un’tld continues to bring to the table as he flourishes in his artistic ways. Placing “No Way,” at the top of the totem, we know that Un’tld has his creativity in the bag.