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Underground Fuzz Unleashes His Latest Gripping EP, 'Specter'

Coming in hot from Montreal, Canada, singer-songwriter and rock recording artist Underground Fuzz releases a blazing 3-track EP entitled 'Specter.'

Underground Fuzz was a session guitarist for events, projects, and various bands, contributing his original creations for quite some time. He then branched out into a solo career to share and develop knowledge, which he constantly seeks. Already working on new material after releasing his brilliant 3-track EP, 'Specter,' we're excited to see what the future has in store for Underground Fuzz.

The new EP, 'Specter,' opens with the heated lead single and title track, which was impressively recorded on a laptop, but the mixing is quite remarkable. As a rhythmic and upbeat rhythm guitar begins punching through our speakers alongside sharp drum breaks, Underground Fuzz makes his grungy and angsty vocal appearance while asking someone to come clean and share their passionate, lustful thoughts. We love the energy of this track, from the dynamic instrumentation to Underground Fuzz's powerful performance; this was the perfect way to kick off the project.

Slowing it down with track number two and the EP's midway point, "I Fell In Love (...and it hurt)," the song drearily begins with an emotional acoustic/electric guitar and downtempo drum breaks. Listening to Underground Fuzz's emotional and honest vocal delivery, he reaches into his deepest thoughts to portray the heartfelt and broken emotions that love can cause. Several paused moments in this song chill the spine with waves of anticipation, all of which leads us back to Underground Fuzz's emotional, relatable, and heartfelt performance.

Changing up the vibe one last time for the outro track, "Comme Un Dinosaure," the track opens with a scorching hot lead guitar riff that crunches through our speakers and leaves a trail of dust. As the poised drum breaks pumps through our speakers, Underground Fuzz jumps in and begins his gripping, melodic, and grungy performance in his native French tongue. This song is like the spark you need to stay warm, thanks to the fiery and blazing instrumentals that keep our speakers smoking. As Underground Fuzz makes his way to the outro, he closes the EP with nothing but heart, strength, and attitude.

Get to know the striking stylings of Underground Fuzz through his latest 3-track EP, 'Specter,' now available on Bandcamp.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Underground Fuzz. We love the power and rhythm of your latest 3-track EP, 'Specter.' Did anything inspire you to create this project? Or was it a spur of the moment?

“Specter” is a combination of spontaneous songs I wrote throughout the years, encapsulated through this EP. From having a blast attending shows and getting inspired by the alternative local scene here in Montreal, Canada, or, late-night jams with friends with an acoustic guitar. One day, I was pretty much bored and wanted to do something, so I decided to buy a laptop, gather up some gear, record everything, and self-release these 3 songs.

Was there any concept or theme within the 'Specter' EP? Or does each song hold its own individual meaning?

I like to blend visuals with the music. The full EP is not related to one specific theme, but I felt the songs suited the aesthetic of the picture. I like to switch in between genres of music too. It keeps it fun and feels fresh. Like in early materials such as the “Aura EP,” which the picture is a sunset featuring more acoustic soft songs, then followed with the “Silence EP,” a dark corner of a wall, which had a more garage-raw-esque sound to it. The creative process is fascinating to me. Ideas inside someone’s brain cannot be grabbed physically until that person decides to put them down on paper or on a canvas. It becomes real. It becomes alive.

You've mentioned that you recorded some songs for the 'Specter' EP on a laptop and phone. Could you expand on that process? Was it challenging to create the EP without the conventional resources?

In my previous releases “Aura” and “Silence,” I did in fact use my cellphone and my old iPod touch but decided to move away from that because I really wanted to make something with better sound quality. I recorded all 3 songs featured in “Specter” with a laptop this time. Studios are expensive and I kinda wanted to have the experience of learning how to do it myself. I am a self-taught songwriter and I am not professionally trained, but with a little bit of information search, discipline, patience, ambition, and curiosity, it is possible. The only sweat I had while making this release was recording the drums parts since I am not a drummer. It was fun.

What is your favorite track on the EP, 'Specter,' and why?

Personally, “Comme Un Dinosaure”. It’s a fun one to play, I like the changes in it and the riff. It reminds me why I started playing guitar. Rock music really caught my attention when I began learning/writing songs.

Could you tell us more about the type of music you create and some of your biggest musical influences?

When I started music, I was really into virtuoso guitar players such as Joe Satriani, Steve vai, John Petrucci, and Pat Metheny. Their creativity and choices of notes really triggered something in me. I wanted to play like them, I would isolate myself in my room, practice for hours, and listen to their music on repeat. Endurance and dexterity were my goals. Later I discovered more punk, metal, rock, and grunge music, which was more primal, raw, and visceral. I loved that. Nirvana, Metallica, L7, Oasis, Kittie, Deftones, etc. Some bands from Quebec were as well such as Harmonium and Les Colocs. As I would explore and discover great artists, Courtney Barnett, Mac DeMarco, and King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard definitely influenced my creative path as well later on. Underground Fuzz navigates around the alternative rock but definitely can go full-on acoustic just like in preview releases. The musical range goes from garage-rock to punk/grunge, jazzy gloomy chords at times, and even metal. Maybe there will be more heavy-sounding music releases in a near future. Definitely.


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