United Duality Releases Catchy Beatles Sequel 'Sexy Sadie Passed Away'

"Sexy Sadie, what have you done?" This song, which is intended to be a sequel of 'Sexy Sadie' by The Beatles, likes to answer that question. It is a vintage style alternative rock number with an Indian coda inspired by the documentary 'David Wants To Fly'.

United Duality, a one man show continues to amaze us! 'Sexy Sadie Passed Away' is a true work of art. Between the instrumentals and lyrics, this song will take you on a very promising musical journey unlike no other.

The song starts off on a slow hypnotic acoustic note and flares into a power house ballad with many different creative cultural accents that compliment the song beautifully. The music video for 'Sexy Sadie Passed Away' is a must watch. It will take you on the journey you've been waiting for.

United Duality has been spending a lot of time working on new music and exploring new creative writing styles to keep us on our feet! 'Sexy Sadie Passed Away' will most definitely inspire fellow musicians and open up their creative side and ponder into a realm of creative genius. We can't wait to hear what's next!

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