United Duality Releases Vintage-Style French Pop Ballad Ft. Céline Schmink

United Duality is back at it again! This time with a heart-melting Chanson Française taking place in Paris inspired by "Birkin et Gainsbourg" titled 'Chanson de malheur'.

The song features Céline Schmink whos vocals are soft and sultry throughout the entire song. Céline displays the voice of love as she sings about an experience between her and her lover and an icon who might not even know she exists. With a mix between Céline's voice and these powerful lyrics, you'll be taken back by a wave of emotion from start to finish. The song is full of 'what ifs', taking us on a suspenseful journey wondering what happens... love or heartbreak?

Chanson de malheur comes as a follow up song from 'Sexy Sady Passed Away, a sequel of 'Sexy Sadie' by The Beatles. United Duality has once again shown us that he's here to stay with no plans of slowing down! You can stream the song here.

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