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Unravel Your Weekend With Danica Bucci’s, “Girl Friday”

Danica Bucci is the Canadian Pop/R&B artist and songwriter that all genres of music need.

Writing for a myriad of genres she began her musical journey performing at the age of three, by dancing competitively. At the strong urge from her dance teacher, she started voice lessons at 11 years old, and went on to compete, and win several voice and musical theatre festivals.

Danica Bucci has seen great success through the various accolades she can proudly claim as her own. Most recently, she was recently selected as a finalist in the LG Life is Good collaboration with Charlie Puth.

Taking to the release of her most recent single, Danica Bucci brings her almost ethereal vocal techniques to our speakers in “Girl Friday.” Placing us in a mesmerizing trance that has us laser-focused on the reverberated timbres that speak to our soul, we’re wrapped up in the blanketed croons in the most welcoming manner.

There’s a certain poise that radiates a striking balance as the breezy, lyrical motifs gently sway into the musical soundscape. Creating a dreamy universe that has us ascending to newfound heights, the warmth that is generated from Danica Bucci’s voice compliments the harmonic cocktail in a bountiful way.

“Girl Friday” has us feeling the soothing essence of buoyant cadences that are greeted through Danica Bucci’s performance, and are further enhanced by the mystical spirit of the instrumentation bolstering her resonance. Immediately picking up on the hard-working nature that Danica Bucci reiterates, we clasp onto the feathery atmosphere we’re absorbed in through this record.

It’s no wonder why Danica Bucci has been seen performing alongside larger acts such as Carly Rae Jepsen, and Bryan Adams. Once you hear her glorious voice in a tell-all, musical tale, there’s little left to the imagination as she sonically paints it all.

Listen to "Girl Friday," here.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Danica Bucci. We love your latest single, "Girl Friday." What does this song mean to you personally, and the more profound meaning laced into this track?

This song means everything to me personally because this is the first song I've released entirely independently. I wrote the song, recorded the vocals, produced the music, mixed and mastered the song in its entirety. It means so much to me because the song as a whole, music, and lyrics reflects the exact artist I am, and I am the happiest with how this song turned out more than any other song I've ever released! It's a song that I wanted to write where you can appreciate the production and hear that classic "Danica" sound. Still, I'm also known for my lyrics, so I wanted to make the listeners feel something and pay attention to what I am saying. The songs provide a more profound meaning that the production and melody don't show you right away. The deeper meaning is the longing for the person to realize that the "Girl Friday" and the person she is speaking to are the ones who are meant to be together, and she is also confident that the two have (line in the song) "a love that's so true."

What are you hoping your audience can take away from this airy composition as they take it to its full extent?

I'm hoping that when people hear this song, they feel even a fraction of the emotion I felt when writing, producing, and singing it. Even now, just listening to it all finished, I find myself most in love with the dreamy humble vocals and lyrics paired with such a sparkly pulsing beat behind them, and that cognitive dissonance appeals to me. I hope that appeals to others and finds themselves continually feeling some way throughout the whole song. It's a great way for listeners to stay engaged and be left feeling like they've known that "Girl Friday" all their lives. I think we've all been someone's "Girl Friday' at some point in our lives. We love someone unconditionally, know them more than anyone else…the REAL them, and know we'd be able to love that person better than anyone else could. The way I define the term "Girl Friday" in this song is, I use it as a modern-day "ride or die" situation where I am singing from the perspective of the "Girl Friday." I hope many can connect with it, identify with that character, and maybe even find enough courage to send it to the "person" they know they belong with!

How does "Girl Friday" speak into your artistry? What was the ultimate vision you were looking to convey and was there anyone to assist you with it?

I wanted my vocals to be soft and dreamy to accompany the synth pads and soft bells in the production. Yet, I wanted to have that driving bass and disco-pop drum sound to once again add a cognitive dissonance and appeal to different emotions in the listener. I didn't want them to feel just one thing when listening to the song. I'm known for my high airy head voice notes and my classic dreamy soulful-pop runs and, of course, didn't hesitate to create my melody around that when writing the song's melody and recording my vocals. I did everything ultimately on my own with this song and am very humbled and proud to say that.

Having accomplished a continuously growing list of accolades, what has been your proudest moment through your artistic career this far?

Thank you so much for that! I've been very blessed. Being recognized as a great vocalist and producer by Charlie Puth was a fantastic honor. He reacted to a video of mine for a song collaboration for the LG Life is Good campaign, and the video garnered almost 40,000 views on Tik Tok! Having one of the most talented artists in the world (in my opinion) recognize me as an artist and producer is such a rewarding and reassuring compliment. Of course, I need to include this song release, "Girl Friday," as one of my most significant accomplishments as well. It's my first completely independent release, and I am so grateful and proud to share it with the world!

What would you like new listeners to know about your music?

I would love for any new listeners to know a little bit of who I am and maybe even identify with me through my music. They might even see me as a friend or role model or as just someone who gets them and loves them and cares. I'd love for them to be a part of my musical journey with me and follow and appreciate the art I put out on all platforms as I give a little something different to each forum. My trademark is love and kindness, and when people see or hear me, I hope they feel just that.


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