Untitled Art Releases New Electro Single "The Change"

Electronic Punk meets Alternative Rock with this badass new artist that’s gonna rapture any doubt you have about the genre of Electro music! ‘Untitled Art’ is a band who didn’t have any problem breaking barriers between the listener and the song with their single “The Change” This song Immediately draws you in, the moment you begin listening to it. It’s electrifying and hard-hitting with a real dope instrumental beat that makes you either want to party hard or put all your energy into a task you’ve longed to complete.

It’s like a musical Gatorade that replenishes you and gives you the right amount of determination to go hard. Their loud, brash and chaotic song is the perfect headache you need to require. You won’t regret jamming along to this anarchic hit. I like the infused combination of electronic punk and alternative rock. It’s something rare in the music industry today. There’s a big gap in my opinion in the current trend of what consumers tend to listen too. “Untitled Art” can definitely fill that gap and become the next big indescribable act in music. Their synth waves captivate you in a way no other artist will have the capability of doing, there’s no plethora of artists we can compare ‘Untitled Art’ too. They’re idiosyncratic in the most perfect way.

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