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Unveiling Emotional Hearts In Anna’s Self-love Anthem, “Someone Else”

The harmonies of music have traversed boundaries and united the world in a symphony of connectivity.

Anna, a multifaceted talent graced with the gifts of song, dance, modeling, and acting, emerges as a catalyst in this transformative era of the music industry. Through her craft, Anna melds English and Japanese verses, paying homage to the facets of her identity as a Japanese Armenian residing between LA and Tokyo.

Nourished by her diverse heritage, blending the essence of Japanese and Armenian roots, this multilingual, international pop star embarks on a blazing trail in the captivating realm of Japanese pop, J-Pop, while leaving an indelible mark on the broader pop genre.

What happens when romance leads you into the darkness of a broken heart? When the moments you used to long for no longer happen? Anna's latest infectious release brings us closure on all this and more. It is truly allowing ourselves to reflect on what's on the inside.

"Someone Else" comes to us with a sonic and visual component that plays a prominent role in painting this narrative for her audience. Destined to reach the eyes and ears of those yearning to experience real love and take a chance on themselves, the brilliant "Someone Else" is fueled by adoration and stirring hearts.

Immediately pulling us into her captivating embrace, Anna shines on screen in the latest fashions and colorful decor that accompany her bursting from the screen. As the rich chronicles unfold before us, a storyline follows through from start to finish, and it's impossible to take your eyes off the screen.

"Someone Else" has us touring Anna's room along with memories that emphasize sentimental times between two lovers. This graveyard of empty promises ultimately leads Anna to discover Mr. Perfect - but the catch is he doesn't exist. Within this, Anna instills a powerful message by encouraging her listeners to recognize their worth, learn from the past, and look forward to a brighter future. It's impossible not to see how cohesive the messaging is throughout the song and the visuals, as Anna's heart is mirrored in this work.

Embodying the beloved trademarks of a pop music video, Anna and her team make it their own by showing off all that makes Anna unique. As one magical portal reveals everything she truly desires, Anna realizes she can discover this within herself, no longer needing to rely on anyone for her happiness. Keeping us on our toes for the entirety of this music video, "Someone Else," is a record you need to check out for yourself.


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