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Unveiling The Ethereal Brilliance Of “Relax Bro, I Win”

As a multi-hyphenate creative—singer-songwriter, director, performer, and video producer—Angela Mona is not just rewriting her bloodline but reshaping the soundscapes of independent performance art.

The dynamic first-gen Armenian-American artist unveils her latest sonic gem, "Relax Bro, I Win," a daring and ethereal creation that transcends musical boundaries, and we're thrilled about the release.

Breaking away from indie labels HRDRV and Venice Music, Angela boldly forges her path as a trailblazer for a new wave of independent artists. Her upcoming debut EP, "Moshi," promises to catapult her into the international spotlight, thanks to her refreshing and underrated approach to songwriting.

Angela's musical journey is a tapestry woven with early piano and vocal lessons, vibrant performances in school musicals, and the genesis of songwriting during her homeschooling days. At 17, she clinched 2nd place in Boys and Girls Club Idol Season 9, setting her sights on LA for further studies and musical exploration.

The pandemic may have slowed the world, but Angela Mona rose above, building momentum with the experimental track "Snap!" and embarking on a transformative creative journey at 19. Navigating the complexities of womanhood, her narrative lyrics, and storytelling visuals bear witness to a profound self-discovery.

"Relax Bro, I Win" stands as a testament to Angela's artistic evolution—a composition that is both edgy and ethereal. Mesmerizing harmonies transport listeners to otherworldly realms as Angela's icy and chilling timbres cast a spell of haunting allure.

The track is a captivating dance between shifting cadences, emphasizing the chorus and gliding through verses with effortless finesse, ultimately showcasing the divine energy vessel inside of Angela Mona.

The brilliance within the instrumentation of "Relax Bro, I Win" lies in its reverberations and precisely timed drum patterns. Each note contributes to a mesmerizing tempo that grips your senses from the opening bars, creating a sonic journey that is as unpredictable as it is irresistible.

Amidst the chaos of her first-generation narrative, Angela Mona has found solace and triumph, and this song is the resounding anthem of her victory. Brace yourself for an immersive experience as Angela's musical prowess takes center stage, asserting her win with a captivating blend of edginess and ethereal beauty.


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