Unwind Your Mind With Kyai Taylor And His New Release, "My Secrets"

Miami-based artist Kyai Taylor is making an emergence with his hip-hop-inspired sound. Solidifying his music in a fresh, melodic style, Kyai Taylor is able to bring a modern perspective to the table and produces songs that carry a certain artistic poise.

Over the pandemic era, Kyai Taylor challenged himself to make one song per day, which allowed him to expand his creative mindset. This time around, he has released an instrumental single, titled "My Secrets," which allows for a real appreciation of the elements of what makes Kyai Taylor's sound truly his own.

Possessing a cool-toned soundscape, "My Secrets" has some pretty serious lo-fi roots that extend from its natural hip-hop style. The beat itself might very well send you into one of the grooviest hypnotic experiences you've ever had. The power of imagery takes hold and thus is revealed an opportunity to indulge in Kyai Taylor's art of sound, ultimately catapulting the listening mind into a temporary state of peace and ease.

As an instrumental track, Kyai Taylor strategically lays out a persistent reverberation to appeal to many. With his smooth and sonically pleasant arrangements, we're certain we'll be hearing more of him and his sound soon.

"My Secrets" is now available on major streaming platforms.