Up And Comer From Sweden, Sabina Högdahl Releases Her Debut Single “Strange Illusion”

Sabina Högdahl is a gifted singer/songwriter and guitarist from Gothenburg, Sweden. Growing up in the 90’s, Sabina was exposed to the greatest era and a diverse collection of music. Influenced by many genres, Sabina discovered her passion for music at a young age. She joined a choir for a few years and there she established her finely-calibrated vocal tone. Ambitious and driven, Sabina took her passion further and studied for two years at a reputable music school in Sweden. Her pop/rock anthems, strong melodies and catchy lyricism make her an artist to stay on the lookout for!

Sabina Högdahl recently dropped her debut single “Strange Illusion” and we’re getting serious Paramore vibes. To have the vocal range to be compared to Hayley Williams is incredible. Sabina has me absolutely blown away with her polished beyond her years tone and emotive ballad. “Strange Illusion” is a track about Sabina’s inner thoughts, fears, demons and doubts. She’s boasts incredibly raw vulnerability in order to connect with her fans. Sabina’s song writing comes deeply from the heart and soul. She’s previously stated that performing on stage makes her heartbeat and isn’t that what making music is all about? I highly recommend you check out the raw and touching energy within “Strange Illusion” and keep up with Sabina Högdahl! Her second release is expected July 2019 and following that she will begin recording her debut EP! Lots of exciting things to come for this new-wave artist!

Listen to “Strange Illusions” here and read more below it our exclusive interview!

Hi Sabina! What’s the pop-rock scene like in your hometown in Sweden?

I would say that my hometown Gothenburg has a lot of music to offer, especially when it comes to pop music and rock music. In general, the Gothenburg pop scene is influenced by a certain sound that is influenced by artists such as Håkan Hellström and others, and the rock scene has more of a heavier 70s and blues sound to it. But when it comes to the pop-rock scene, I find it more difficult to define. You find a lot of bands and artists that could fit under the genre pop-rock music, myself included, and it's not always clear where you draw the line between pop and rock. I guess it's about personal preferences.

Who are your musical influences? How do they inspire you?

My first musical influences come from the music I started to listen to when I was a child. My father used to make mix cd:s to my sister and I, and that was the beginning of a growing interest in music. I found a role model in the songwriter and singer Chris Cornell, whos’ expression I’ve always found moving and honest. I listened to the band Audioslave in which he was the front person, and became inspired by his way of writing melodies. Other influences in music has been Michael Jackson and his rhythmic way of singing, and lately, the band Paramore. I love how the raw sense of emotion are brought forward in the combination of music, lyrics and an awesome singing technique used by Hayley Williams. Last but not least, I have always had a big passion for the band Queen. Freddie Mercury has a way of delivering his songs with a passion that strikes my heart every time I hear his singing voice. This has made a big impact on me and influenced my way of singing and wanting to feel my own lyrics in the same way.

What’s your track “Strange Illusion” about? What was the writing process like?

I started the making of this song when I was in a state of mind when I felt lonely with my own feelings. I didn’t feel really well and struggled with mental illness. It was a state of mind I was in at that very moment, as I picked up the guitar and started to write the song that later became “Strange Illusion”. The song is an expression of self doubt and frustration with a longing for better days. I wanted to escape those ghosts in my mind, but I didn’t really know how. Now that I’m better, I think it’s really important to talk about the way you feel, and to be aware of that things will get better eventually. 

Can you describe your live performance for someone who has never seen you before?

When I get on stage, I’m always nervous but I know that I will give my very best and I hope that the audience sees that too. I want the audience to experience my music together with me and that they leave the show with a sensation of wanting more. The expression is everything to me and I want my love for music to reach out to the people in front of me. Hopefully they go home with a great musical and emotional experience.

How do you feed your passion for music everyday?

I listen a lot to music and I get inspired by new sounds. I also go to shows in town and listen to local bands, both to support my fellow musicians and to get inspired by their music. I think about what the next step is and aim to reach certain goals. For example, I have an upcoming single and right now I’m working on the cover for it. In the fall my goal is to record an EP with the band and to rehearse to be able to perform some live shows. To conclude it all, my will to develop within my music and to reach a bigger audience, is what drives me to keep writing new songs and doing what I do.


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