Up And Coming Toronto-Based Artist Shaker Make Waves With “Kato”

Shaker is a non-contemporary artist. Having moved around several countries at a young age, he raps, sings, mumbles, and essentially, does it all. His musical inspiration is drawn heavily from his love of Lil Wayne. At a young age, Shaker was able to create melodies and gift-wrap melodic raps as well as soulful vibe music. He works heavily with producer and engineer Dionysius and the duo makes an unbelievable combo with hard-hitting raps and ambient sounds. Don’t sleep on Shaker as he emerges and makes a name for himself in the Toronto scene.

“Kato” is a smooth new track with a chill ambiance and killer beat. The production quality goes above and beyond our expectations and is extremely finely-calibrated. He expertly blends R&B and hip-hop with a slightly infectious trap undertone. Shaker’s vocal style suits the passion and honesty of a dedicative song like this really well. “Kato” goes onto explore various uncommon avenues of audio craft-work, but never does this take away from the natural flow and heart of the performance and the song itself. A strong leap forwards for Shaker, following a string of impressive musical achievements to date. He’s the one to watch!

Check out “Kato” here and keep scrolling for more with Shaker.

Hey Shaker! How do you manage to create relevant and contemporary content so consistently?

In terms of relevancy, I always felt like I needed to be heard, my voice needed to be acknowledged and my ideas needed to be shared. A lot of people feel that way, they feel like they aren’t being as valued or given the opportunity to do what they want, so that’s why my music resonates easily with them. They know how I feel and I know how they do.

I usually work in “bunches”, as in, whenever I have moments of inspiration or ideas, I go off and work at my craft until I burn up all the resources that I have. That means I’m always documenting my ideas and inspirations and trying to tap back into them when need be.

Who are your top three musical influences and why?

That’s a hard one, but Lil Wayne is definitely up there. When I first moved to Canada, I never really had an artist that I listened to but my cousin exposed me to rap and Weezy. We’d listen to Wayne in a car and his bars always had me goin crazy. Shoutout Tunechi man.

Next up is probably Kanye, I think that guy is a musical genius. He just knows how to craft sounds and make new shit that is always ahead of its time. I look a lot to Kanye in terms of being a creative individual and coming up with new ideas.

Last dude is definitely Drake man, he put the city on the map and I love the versatility. I tend to make versatile music as well so I try to learn off the dude. I try to figure out how he managed to have two audiences, one that loves the soft shit and the other that cares for bravado and dominance.

Tell us about your song “Kato”! What inspired this?

Honestly, I heard the beat from DIONYSIUS and instantly had a couple melodies in my head that revolved around this word “Kato”, which I had made up on the spot. I knew the song was going to be about this feeling of struggling and wishing some things were different. But the word Kato is left up to the listener to decide, is Kato a place, person, thing?

What would be your dream venue to perform?

Madison Square Garden, I want to have one of the biggest shows on the planet. I’d probably turn it into some next spectacle to be honest. You wouldn’t wanna miss it.

How does the music you make now compare to when you first started making music?

I’m trying to be a lot more consistent with the music I release, in the past I’d release singles sporadically, both in terms of time and type of music. Now, I’m trying to release “seasons” of sounds over a period of time. Still singles, but singles that have a common theme as a season. The music I make now sounds more complete and creative than my past stuff, in my opinion.


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