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Up Your Portion Size With "XXXL"

Toño is Portland’s favorite Queer Rapper making Hyperpop music to remember. With his eccentric flow, impeccable bars, and buoyant beats, Toño’s mission is to serve the finest heat at the hottest temperatures.

Toño has been impacting his audience with effervescent bops that make it impossible to stay seated. Following his recipe for success in his most recent single, “XXXL,” Toño is committed to creating a name for himself in the realm of Hyperpop. Sparkling hues of liveliness shine brightly through the lyrical keynotes that Toño boons to his audience as he emphasizes his hypnotic, straight-to-the-point hook with conviction.

Testing the limits as he crosses over through musical influence, the captivating resonance brought forth by Toño offers up indulgent elements of imaginative burrows to explore. Toño’s artistic flexibility allows his energetic persona and charismatic traits to triumph over any musical creation he endures. This allows his listeners to tap in with him on a deeper scale of inventive integrity, as he fluently flaunts his talents.

Incorporating a well-balanced offering of influences, this type of boisterous magnitude isn’t an easy feat to achieve. Toño leaves us with a glistening grin toothed smile as he feasts upon the swagger he delves into. Serving us a heaping platter of his witty techniques, we look forward to what Toño has to bring to the table for his next course.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Toño, and congratulations on the release of, “XXXL.” What moment or story inspired the lyrical content that listeners can hear in this track?

In the last couple of years, we’ve seen a lot of progress in the body positivity movement. I for one love seeing all different kinds of bodies in the media, it’s definitely something that should be celebrated. I do feel like however sometimes plus-size males and plus-sized masc presenting non-binary people don’t get as much love as I feel they should! “XXXL” is my answer to that; a love letter to all of the big boys and non-binary thickies!

Could you please share a glimpse of what the creative and recording process looked like when bringing this song to life?

When I first got sent the track from my friend Julian (@softsynthbear or Wintermoot) I was like “Woah this is a really meaty beat,” so obviously I started leaning into bars about food. When it came time for the hook I actually already had it written and I was like “Woah this is a perfect fit right here!” I even slipped in a few references to my popular Tiktoks about big boys (like bowser) and the rest came very naturally.

What is the main message that you hope your listeners take away from the music that you create?

The ~ is silent I’m anything but! Seriously, I’m as loud and crazy as my music is because that’s authentically me. I have a lot of fun with my music and I just want people to have fun with me.

How are you finding yourself grow as an artist in the genre of Hyperpop?

Now that hyper pop is becoming a bit more mainstream and more widely listened to it feels a bit harder to be unique in the space. A lot of the really great hyper-pop artists nowadays are completely reinventing what the genre means at a moment's notice. I feel like I am gearing up to be one of those people! There is some overlap in the rap and hyper pop communities but I really think that I am taking that blend by the horns and running with it.

What is the message you're trying to deliver?

Be authentic, be ever-changing, be fun, and kiss a fat dude every once in a while (or all the time) I swear it will change your life.


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