Upbeat Country Artist Peter Peres Entertains Listeners with "Hangover Sunday"

Peter Peres always felt that he had a special ear for music ever since a young age. From attending weekly karaoke nights to involving himself in vocal training, Peter Peres' passion for singing has always shone brightly.

Apart from Peter's blatant fervor for the arts, he's also known for using his platform in order to raise awareness for mental health initiatives. All in all, Peter Peres is all about making people feel happy, and his latest release, "Hangover Sunday", doesn't fall the tiniest bit short on succeeding with that. 

"Hangover Sunday" begins with the perfect string of guitar riffs and Peter Peres impressionable country sound. The heavy integration of string instruments sets a laidback, relaxing ambiance, which pairs well with Peter Peres' enthusiastic vocals.

"Hangover Sunday" is all about detailing the fun that comes along with kicking back and unwinding with friends. There really is a genuine sense of simplicity that comes from "Hangover Sunday", making it a great track to glide along with little attention needed. Peter Peres' makes the listening experience easy and fluid with his release, and being his second debuted single, we're impressed with the natural spirit and resilience he has as a vocalist.

Whatever Peter is set to release next, we're expecting an absolute thrill.

Check out "Hangover Sunday" by Peter Peres here

Hey Peter, thanks for sitting down with us at BuzzMusic. How did you feel that your vision for the way "Hangover Sunday" would initially pan out ended up executing? Were there any learning curves to creating this single, compared to your first?

When I was writing this song, I had the title and hook in my head for a while but unfortunately due to COVID-19, my plans for it were put on pause. After a few months of not seeing my friends in person, we finally got together which was such an amazing time and that is what inspired me to write the rest of the song. Everything else for it came naturally afterward. This is also my very first party/drinking song and it is everything I hoped for vision wise. My first single "Miss Mistake" was slower and had more emotion to it so this song will definitely give you more of those summer vibes. 

Would you say that the potent energy presented within your music is something that you naturally source out, or does it require manipulation?

I am a very energetic person and always have a smile on my face so it definitely applies to my music and comes naturally. My style is also a mix between Luke Combs and Brett Young so I have faster energetic songs and then some slower emotional songs as well. 

Do you typically draw inspiration for your music from your daily life occurrences, or do you craft your stories from disparate influences? 

Most of the music I write is drawn from things or events in my daily life. However, I sometimes like to write songs based on other people's perspectives. Also, listening to artists like Luke Combs and Brett Young has helped me alot with my writing style. 

Working behind the scenes with various Canadian artists, such as Alessia Cara, Tyler Shaw, and Francesco Yates, what kind of insight do you feel you've gained from such collaborations?

Working behind the scenes with these artists definitely gave me the insight I needed for the music industry and how to prepare for it as an independent artist. They also have their own unique styles so hearing all of their music and getting to know them personally definitely gave me more confidence in myself as an artist. 

What has been keeping you inspired this year? What can we expect to see next?

I entered this Canadian competition this year called The Shot and it has inspired me to write more music and also connect with many different artists and musicians around Canada. I am now in the process of filming the music video for my latest single which will hopefully release sometime next month. I am also currently working on my EP/Album that I hope to release sometime next year. I also have plans to release another single by the end of this year.