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Upcoming Artist SlickDubz Releases Brand New Song "VIBE$"

SlickDubz began his career when he was only 14 years old on DAWS on his computer. He began to experiment with his talent, more and more by writing, and eventually attaining a microphone to rap on beats. Now that he’s 16 years old, he fully transitioned himself into the artist SlickDubz and is ready to tell his story.

SlickDubz released his single titled “VIBE$” which begins with an instrumental introduction right before the beat drops. As soon as the beat drops, it creates a dark trap sound, hauntingly curating the image of the record. SlickDubz shared something highly personable to him and who he is, which is his depression. Music seems to be an outlet for him as a way to express himself freely. This gives you a strong sense of wonderment for what the meaning of “VIBE$” could be about! Although he’s only 16 years old, his talent is far much advanced than his age, which is displayed in “VIBE$”. His flow, arrangement, production skills and delivery showcased a caliber of a professional rapper whose been in the game for multiple years. I mean, even charting artists struggle with some aspects of creating music, where as SlickDubz excels. Young and talented, he has the whole future ahead of him as he continues to craft his artistry, with growth.

Listen to "VIBE$" from SlickDubz here and connect with him on Instagram for all new music and updates!



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