Upcoming Hip Hop Artist You Need To Hear: T-Raw Badazz Releases New Song And Music Video "Savage"

In T-Raw Badazz's new track titled “Savage” there is a music video to go along, which is produced by @23Youngin. On YouTube, T-Raw Badazz’s music video “Savage” has over 4,000 views and plenty of comments to the show love towards his music. Make sure to check out the video and subscribe to their channel for more new music and updates.

T-Raw Badazz oozes confidence as soon as he steps foot into frame in his music video. We know as the viewer that he means business and we better listen to what he has to say. We are brought into his world with driving beats and rewind drops which progressively leads into the flow of his rap view. His driving rhythm is what gets the song going along with the synth string section. T-Raw is a hard rapper with some verses to drop and is bringing new steam to the rap game even mentioning Post Malone and Missy Elliot. As the rack continues we can see a motif forming of T-Raw Badazz calling out people who are fake and he lets it be known, like when he says, “Fake shit on the internet”. As the listener we see that T-Raw Badazz is bringing everything he has to the forefront and we are able to see who he is as a rapper.

Connect with T-Raw Badazz on social media:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/badazzraw

Instagram: www.instagram.com/t_raw_badaz

Facebook: www.facebook.com/traw.badazz