Upcoming Producer Kolohe Kidd Releases His New Track "Around Me"

New and upcoming producer Kolohe Kidd released a new dope beat titled “Around Me” that’s going to be the epitome of his promising career! Off his EP titled “AFT£R H0URS”, a project of beats in which this creative produced ranging from chill step to future bass to EDM. "Around Me" shows the meticulous energy put into composing a track with diverse elemental qualities with a trendy sound. While listening to this track I’ve had various different flows in my head that can turn the song into a rap song, as well as various of melodies that can turn this song into a more musical hit. The secret of producing music in my opinion is creating tracks an artist can instantly acquire different ideas and visions with the song and Kolohe Kidd did exactly that. You can’t miss a beat with this record due to the significant transitions he equipped this song with. The most beautiful thing about this is the fact that he’s just starting out! To release a hit like this and display a great deal of fine talent is killer for an artist beginning his career. After listening to "Around Me", I am now intrigued by the sound of chill-step and want to hear more from his EP! We can't wait to hear what's next from Kolohe Kidd. Listnen to "Around Me".

Listnen to "Around Me" and get to know the Upcoming Producer Kolohe Kidd!

Hello! Care to introduce yourself to our readers?

Hey everyone! I'm Hawaiian music producer Kolohe Kidd!

Can you tell us a bit about your new song "Around Me"?

"Around me" is the newest single off of the "AFT£R H0URS" EP I am currently working on. It's a future bass track with a jazz like transition halfway through. Around me is the feeling of music, it's all around you. It can inspire you, make you feel happy, sad, depressed, anger etc.

Knowing that you’ve listened to various musical genres in your life, which do you have to say is your all time favorite despite the ones you’re use to producing and why?

I think besides the genre I produce my all time favorite genre would have to be "Post Hardcore" the structure and layers that go into that genre astonishes me going from soft singing to heavy and emotional screaming with a band that blends it all together, and I love going to concerts, the energy from all the fans is insane!

How do you develop the ideas for your music? Do you base it off your mood or is there another approach?

So I am always working on music, I'll be at work and if I start thinking of something in my head I'll pull out my phone and get that melody down so that I can later make something out of it. Music is a feeling of emotions so however I feel at that moment is how that song is gonna sound.

What is your ultimate career goal and dream?

My ultimate career goal is to share my love for music with the world. Breathing my ideas through my music.

Any musical influences or inspirations from like-minded creatives or DJ’s who also produce hits like you?

My musical influences would be Uppermost, Slushii, & (2016 Era) Marshmello.

Whats a piece of advice that you'd give an artist entering the music industry?

I'm new to the music game but if I had to give any advice, don't give up, keep pushing through because eventually people will catch on, one day the right person will hear what you have and you'll find success.

What's next for you?

What's next for me is finishing up the "AFT£R H0URS EP" and starting a new project.

Connect with Kolohe Kidd on social media:

Instagram: www.instagram.com/kolohekiddmusic

YouTube: kolohekiddmusic

Soundcloud: Kolohe Kidd