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#NewMusicFriday: Urban Fu$e Graces Us With New Single “Splurge”

The five members of Urban Fu$e hail from places all over the world. They are truly a reflection of diverse cultures and different approaches to music fused into one single sound. A strong dance beat is the hallmark of UF no matter the genre: hiphop/rap, dance hall, K-pop, Latin. Urban Fu$e does it all! They chose the name Urban Fu$e because of the multicultural fusion of their music. Also because they consider themselves to be fuses that will spark the musical revolution that is to come. The members of Urban Fu$e come from Abuja, Nigeria; Nassau, Bahamas; Nashville, Tennessee; San Francisco, California; and London, England.

This group has a thing going on here! We are not sure how this is even possible. To be from so many different places and to still be able to fuse a sound that is so unique and catchy. To capture each members sound and culture and to literally fuse it to create this very amazing song. And the video gives you confirmation that there is some sort of girl power going on and we love it! Dance all night long on repeat anywhere and at anytime. This is really one of those songs. Kudos to this multicultural flare embodied in a musical group.


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