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UTE Released Relaxing Record, “Music Makes Me Fly”

UTE released their single titled “Music Makes Me Fly” and it was the most pleasantly comforting sound we’ve heard in a refreshing minute. The introduction begins with an strikingly gorgeous melody by the instruments, the acoustics capture you with how smoothly connected and beautiful it was. The vocals transition in with ease and a soft tone, continuing the comfort you feel while listening. “Music Makes Me Fly” is supporting by a mesmerizing piano and the romantically pleasing canorous tune from what we believe is an saxophone. This is the perfect song to listen in a peaceful environment, such as the morning. Without even personally curating the setting for yourself, “Music Makes Me Fly” creates it for you. The calming and mellifluous aura “Music Makes Me Fly”  presents just automatically paints the picture for you. Closing your eyes, allowing the music to roam over, and becoming lost inside is what makes the record truly more capturing. UTE projected a pastel-like delivery in their resonance while managing efficient vocal control in their range. Just as the title says, the song knows how to metaphorically make you fly. You become on cloud nine with instance peace, serenity, and joy while listening to this strident record.

Stream "Music Makes Me Fly" here, and scroll below for UTE's interview with BuzzMusic!


Mind telling our readers a little bit about your background and the formation of UTE?

UTE is my first name and therefore my artist name as well. My genre is smoothjazz, adult contemporary and soft pop. I believe in Less is more in my songs. I am singing my life and my life is the stage.

Tell us about “Music Makes Me Fly” and the theme behind this gorgeous record?

When I sing, whether in the studio, on stage or just for myself, I start to feel so much more alive, my body is so light and I feel like ready to fly. Music makes me fly!!!!!

Usually, every song an artist creates has some sort of inspiration or motivation behind it! What was the motive to create “Music Makes Me Fly”?

To let my fans, my audience, my listeners get my emotion and enjoy the song, relax, take it easy, forget your sorrows and pain for the moment, enjoy life, the greatest gift of all.

How does the title of the record reflect the theme of the song!

My face is in the sky with a bird and my face is circulating around like a wheel of my face in the sky. Everybody can see me fly. By the way it is a single. The new album comes in the summer.

What’s next for you, UTE?

A new album, a music documentary called Ute / Music makes me fly. A tour with my songs in the USA. Hoping to meet and greet my fans. Lots of love to you all from Ute.


Keep up with UTE via the artists socials:


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