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Van Go Go Sings of Changes Abound With Their Recent Single, "Big Mistake"

The Detroit-based in-your-face Rock band Van Go Go captures both sides of a story with their conceptual single, "Big Mistake."

Since the band's initial separation in 2008, Van Go Go decided to reunite during the midst of the pandemic. Consisting of Nathan Mackinder, Jason Schaller, Paxton Olney, and Jonah Brockman, Van Go Go is charging full steam ahead with the release of their latest single "Big Mistake."

The heavy single surrounds themes of infidelity and the perspective of someone who's been cheated on. Produced by Chuck Alkazian, the single powers through with tight Rock instrumentation and an overall sense of belonging. 

"Big Mistake" opens with Nathan Mackinder's thrilling vocal performance dropping vast energy on the track. As he begins to sing a tale of mistrust and crossing the line, Jason Schaller's layered electric/rhythm guitar takes the track by storm and pushes a highly energetic yet reflective state. Reaching the hook, Van Go Go's entire instrumentation induces this chilling sensation through the song's descriptive lyricism and the band's boundless energy. 

What keeps our toes tapping are Jonah Brockman's hi-fi drum patterns and Paxton Olney's deep bassline, offering the track tremendous rhythm. That being said, the track's strong point has to be Van Go Go's intense and vivid lyricism surrounding the profound disappointment and sadness one undergoes after receiving such news. Closing the song off with tight instrumentation, we love the reflective texture that this song offers to listeners. 

Although the lyrical content within Van Go Go's single "Big Mistake" is rather heavy and emotional, we always appreciate a raw tune like this where listeners can relate and find a safe space to feel the depths of their lingering emotions. 

We love the honest and truthful lyricism you deliver within your single, "Big Mistake." Why did you choose "Big Mistake" to lead the way of your career comeback? 

We always believed in the song when written a decade ago. Now having been through a divorce and major life changes, the song has transformed into a different meaning altogether. It’s a symbolic unveiling of something personal that seems to parallel the revitalization of making music together. A nod to each other for being honest about the hell we’ve been through that now drives us on to bigger and better things.

Speaking on the deep message within your single "Big Mistake," was it challenging to write lyrics surrounding such unfortunate events? Could you expand on what your songwriting process looked like? 

I‘ve always believed lyrics should be as honest as possible to reach listeners. Unfortunately, failure and being let down is a pretty relatable story. I typically write melodies in quick moments and words come out based on the recent or current events around. They aren’t always about me directly but I’m certainly pulling them from real life. Within the instrumentals for your single "Big Mistake," your sound is truly stimulating with your energetic Rock instrumentation. Why did you want the song to be so lively instead of fusing it with melancholy instrumentals? 

Jay and I spent our early days playing more angst and melancholy songs. As time went by, I started to get back into more major keys and driving rock rhythms. I also love the irony of a sound that’s uplifting against a subject matter that’s normally dredged with minor keys and somber instrumentation.

We've heard that your band separated in 2008 but rekindled this year during the pandemic. What sparked the band's reconciliation? 

The stars kind of aligned that we were able to get back together and finish what we started.  Jay and I both lived in Florida for the past decade and really hadn’t had a chance to connect. I made a recent move back to Michigan and the guys slowly started to reach out and talk about the possibility. The madness and uncertainty of the 2020 Pandemic was the final motivator all of us needed to put in the effort and make the project come back to life.

What can fans anticipate to hear next from you? 

We have several other songs prepped for release and really look forward to getting them out there. The sound is powerful and it’s amazing how much technology is helping improve the mixing process. I’ve been writing some of my strongest material to date and we will be laying tracks down through the end of the year. We love working with Chuck @ Pearl Sound here in Michigan. He has really helped us craft a unique sound that I truly believe fans of honest rock n roll will grab a hold of and swallow like ear candy. 



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