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Van GoGo Let's Us "Watch It Burn"

After hitting over 1 million streams on Spotify and being played on radio stations worldwide, Van GoGo is back with a killer new track titled "Watch It Burn."

The Michigan rock band can't be stopped on their way to the top of the charts through infectious songs and catchy lyrics. Comprised of Nathan Mackinder (vocals), Jason Schaller (guitar), Paxton Olney (bass), and Jonah Brockman (drums), Van Go Go gets us ready for their sophomore album with this masterpiece. When you hear the song title and pair it with the sonic offering, you know instantaneously why Van GoGo chose this theme for the soundscape being offered up. "Watch It Burn" immediately pulls you into the composition with the sizzling guitar riffs and colossal percussion hits that set the tempo. Through a piece that the foundation of rock n roll drives, we can't help but admire the modern twist that places this song in the new wave of music. Although the lyrical motifs may reflect on throwing in the towel, the narrative speaks on moving on from toxic situations you may find yourself in. Taking in the enormous amount of emotion that's poured into this piece, it most definitely sparks a flame within ourselves as well.

Touring us through the rhythmic cadences of what Van GoGo has to offer, the versatile concept of this song can fit most scenarios out there. As they continue to release relatable content, Van GoGo happily teases us with what we can expect from their forthcoming album release with this Chuck Alkazian produced record courtesy of Pearl Sound Studios.

Welcome back to BuzzMusic, Van GoGo. We always love chatting with you about what you have going on in your world! Let's talk about the intensity that soars through "Watch It Burn." Could you please shine a light on the moment or story that inspired this song's creation?

A lot of the fire and fury that inspired “Watch it Burn” came from discussions I was having with friends and family over politics during the lockdown. There have been a lot of strong feelings on both sides of the coin over the last couple of years and I’ve had my share of brick wall arguments. It then branched into remembering other experiences where I felt that pent-up anger and a feeling of exhaustion. That feeling of wanting someone to fail to see the flaw in their decision-making is a sort of lesson. We took elements of Nirvana, the Cure, and Blur and came up with a feel that really embodies the emotion of the lyrics.

What did the creative process look like when working with Chuck Alkazian for this particular record? How did this fit the theme of your typical creative process?

Chuck and the band get along great. We bring in songs that are reproduced at Jonah’s home studio. This saves a lot of time as basic tracking is already mapped out and we have some strong arrangements and sound ideas already in place. Then we can take things to a higher level focusing on sonics, performance, and detail while all together. We are all fans of a lot of similar music so it doesn’t seem like work at all. We really have a blast together and it’s certainly a major motivator to keep creating new material and getting back into Pearl.

We're excited to hear about an album hitting our speakers soon enough! What can you tell us about your sophomore album release? Will there be more teasers along the way?

We will certainly have another single or 2 before the album is completed. It's difficult to say where this album will end up. I have about 30 songs that are close to fully written. They vary in style so there is still a lot of preproduction to complete and back and forth to see which makes the cut. I see it being more diverse and having an even wider spectrum than the last album.

How does "Watch It Burn" tie into who you are as a band?

This song is the type of song we all have wanted to play since we were kids. It's a straight rock with some loud guitars and booming drums. It's still within our genre but certainly on the heavier side of what we do. The lyrics are timeless and a subject that will be relatable as long as people walk the earth. I think it's exactly what we set out to create as artists and where we want to take listeners. It will be amazing live!

What's next for you?

We have a lot of promos to do with this single including a radio release in the next month. Meanwhile, we are still preproduction on a few songs and should be back in the studio soon. And there are whispers in the group about a couple of Spring live shows. It’s been a long wait but we will certainly make it worth it. We love to put on a good rock n roll show and if you check out our videos, you’ll see we try to make things visually and sonically interesting. Hope to see you at a show soon!

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