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Vancouver Hip Hop Artist SwayzeAck Releases New Single “You Don’t Know Me”

SwayzeAck is a high energy hip hop artist breaking into the music scene. He was born in Vancouver, raised in Kelowa for a while and then moved back to Vancouver just last year. SwayzeAck’s music is described as unexpected and re-energizing. This new artist is extremely motivated and hungry to share his music with the world. Being relentless in the music game is his daily motivation and helps him push to continue to chase his dreams. Tuning into “You Don’t Know Me” is sure to give us some insight on his style!

This catchy title hip hop track is one that will have replaying in your head for hours. There’s this eerie intro that sets you up to think it would be a more alternative track but then the beat drops. This eerie sound is a huge compliment to this entire track. And he gives it attention where it needs to be. There is a trap/hip hop bounce to this track that you follow with his lyrics. And speaking of, a talented lyricist is shown in this single. SwayzeAck is coming to the table fully motivated and committed to this music industry and ready to show everyone who he is!

Listen to "You Don't Know Me" here.

What’s up! You mind sharing with our readers who you are?

Whats good Buzz Music?! My name is Dylan, but most people know me by my artist name SwayzeAck. I'm an up and coming hip hop artist out of Vancouver BC Canada. I was born in Vancouver and am currently living here, however I grew up in Kelowna BC and spent the majority of my upbringing there. I would classify my music as a new wave type of motivational hip hop with huge influences from the likes of Logic, G-Eazy, NF and Eminem! 

What is the story behind your name?

My last name is Steciuk (Stay-zee-ack). Back when I was in high school most of my friends would call me Stayzee which eventually evolved into Swayze. I embraced Swayze as my alter ego. When the time came to pick my name, I wanted the perfect combination of my new persona while also keeping my last name - thus became my artist name of SwayzeAck.

How has music influenced your life?

My biological father was a talented musician his whole life but wasn’t always around when I was growing up. When I found my love and passion for music it seemed to come so naturally because it was in my blood; I truly felt like it was exactly what I was meant to be doing. As a young teen too, I was actively involved in both leadership and public speaking. I also dabbled in some acting as well. You could say being center stage was something I craved. Performing and creating gives me the ability to do all the the things I was passionate about growing up but this time on a bigger scale, impacting a bigger audience. 

Why did you release “You Don’t Know Me” as a single?

My path this far in life has led me to wear many different hats. What I mean by that is that I have gone down a variety of different career paths that I thought would be my end all be all. I only truly embraced music as my career at the age of 18 which some would say is a little late to the “music game”. My tendency to change my mind about what I wanted to do stemmed from not truly believing what I was doing was what I was born to do. Because of this, many people wrote it off as just another short phase in my life. This song means a lot to me and what I want it to express is that people have no idea what I have been through, what I am all about, and what I am about to bring to the music scene. 

When are you dropping your next release?

My next album will drop January 2020. Expect a few singles to hit along the way.


Connect with SwayzeAck on social media:

Instagram - @SwayzeAck

Twitter - @SwayzeAck

Facebook - SwayzeAck Music


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