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Vanessa Bejine Has Us Feeling Like We’re Floating With Her Release “Addicted"

Recording pop artist Vanessa Bejine is not a force to be messing with. Although appearing delicate and angelic, Vanessa has some serious experience under her belt when it comes to the production and execution of music. Vanessa has an amazing track record—she performed on incredible stages, produced incredible singles, and secured several TV outlet positions. Definitely an eclectic biography this artist has, and we’re impressed with how she manages to do it all with such grace. 

“Addicted” is a single from Vanessa, which immediately starts off with Vanessa’s angelic voice. Right from the start I know this single is a hit—it has all of the elements to blow up! Besides the quality of Vanessa Bejine’s voice, the song will catch your attention due to the fact it incorporates her voice with intriguing and enticing melodies and beats. It’s a pop song, but differs from the other mainstream songs we’re used to hearing because of the overall execution. We highly recommend you check out the song to understand what we mean. We loved how delicate and airy the lyricism felt in “Addicted"—there is nobody else that could’ve sung this song the way Vanessa did. There are really only a few individuals out there who can master the vocals to make it feel like the listener is floating on a cloud (specific, but we all know that deeply calming feeling some songs will give off). Vanessa Bejine is a needle in a haystack— a needle we found, we’re loving, and we know our listeners will obsess over. 

Listen to "Addicted" here and get to know more about Vanessa Bejine below!

Hey Vanessa! We’re excited to be talking with you! Tell our readers a fun fact about yourself as an artist to get started.

 A fun fact, hmm, so many, lol.  I am a total sweet fanatic! Particularly Krispy Kreme Donuts and Cake! I actually want to beat the world record of eating the most   Krispy Kreme Glazed donuts in the shortest amount of time. Lol, no joke.

Your voice makes us feel like we’re floating! When producing your music, are you intentionally trying to aim for that angelic feel in your music?

What a lovely analogy. I think with every song its different. I tend to write off of real life experiences so the mood and tone can definitely vary. In this particular  instance I believe the angelic tone came natural and fit perfect due to the fact that  Addicted was written about dating someone but not knowing the full story of  who they really were due to their line of profession. You are drawn to the person and how they make you feel, but your instincts tell you to walk away. Initially  you become Addicted and conflicted at the same time. When I sat down and co-wrote this song with a very talented Songwriter she had also gone through  something similar, but hers was based on the fact that the person she was dating lived in a different state. So when creating Addicted we wrote it so many people  can relate and not just one or two, if you know what I mean.  Its not about cheating, but about the other persons profession taking over the relationship.

“Addicted” is such a catchy single, yet still maintains the most important element of originality. How did you see this single being produced in the end?

That's actually a great question. Addicted was probably the fastest song written and recorded out of all my songs thus far. Everything about it just felt  right! From the  lyrics, to the keys, to the melody and production. The people behind the production of this song ElleAx and Ryan Ferro, I had heard some of their work prior to creating  Addicted and there was no doubt in my mind that this record was gonna be incredible.

Who are some of your major inspirations when it comes to the curation of your music?

My inspirations growing up have always been Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey and Celine Dion, to name just a few. However when curating Addicted I was more on the

 writing side of things and not so much on the production aspect. I had a talented team of experts handling that department =)

Can we expect to see any more releases in the upcoming future?

Yes! Absolutely! I am so excited to share my new music with everyone its making me antsy! I have a music video for Breathe You that is now in preparation,  which will be my 2nd music video. So extremely excited about that. Looking to premiere it around middle-end of July, and I am currently in studio finishing up my very first  album which should be dropping around end of August, early September. So definitely be on the look out for both!


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