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Vanessa Lio Invites You To “Enter the Darkness”

Born fascinated with rhythm and melody, Vanessa Lio found her voice at a young age. By embracing her passion, she immersed herself in lyricism and poetry during her early teens, leading her to a professional singing career in 2012.

Over the years, collaborations with various musicians and bands have cultivated her versatility as an artist. With themes spanning love, loss, toxic relationships, and mental health, Vanessa seeks to resonate deeply with her audience. One of her recent collaborations was with Atom of Cuginihub in Vaughan, Canada, which led to the release of her single "All in Vain." She followed it up with another single on June 2, 2023, "Enter the Darkness," a piece that encapsulates her honest and emotional musicality.

"Enter the Darkness" showcases Vanessa's unique approach to music, combining her thought-provoking lyrics with a dynamic progression of beats. A lively drum rhythm graces the soundscape, harmonizing with a pulsating bassline and echoing percussion. This lively ambiance transitions into a rock-infused atmosphere in the song's later half. Her soulful vocals rise above the instrumentals, delivering lines of desire, vulnerability, and liberation.

Through her music, Vanessa Lio continues to channel her honest experiences into relatable stories. The song's narrative reflects the human struggle to confront our innermost shadows. As the goddess of her story, Vanessa is presented as a figure of defiance against the requirement for validation and the reckless nature of greed. "Enter the Darkness" serves as a proclamation of self-ownership and liberation.

Tap into "Enter the Darkness," available everywhere now.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Vanessa Lio, and congratulations on your latest release, "Enter the Darkness." What first inspired you to venture into music?

I have always been drawn to music, and the need to sing and make music runs through my system. I started singing when I was a little girl and pretty much haven't stopped. I feel the most alive when making music and performing it live.

Which artists, bands, or songs have been the most influential in shaping your musical style?

I have such a wide range of influence; it's mind-boggling. I am driven by Amy Winehouse, Led Zeppelin, Sam Cooke, Aretha Franklin, Janis Joplin, Killswitch Engage, CCR, Alabama Shakes, Lady Gaga...the list goes on forever. I take a little bit from every influence and create my version. I do tend to lean heavier toward rock and soul.

Could you walk us through the creative process for your recent single, "Enter the Darkness?"

I was walking around the house one day and couldn't get the lyric and melody of the chorus out of my head, "Enter the Darkness, I'm your goddess," so I just got my phone out and recorded it. I then had a fairly emotional occurrence happen, which led me to write the rest of the lyrics for the song. I sat with it for a few weeks and called up my producer because I knew we had to turn it into a full song. I got to the studio, shared my melody and chord ideas, and he took the wheel with the music. We left that night with a pretty awesome demo and major excitement.

What message do you hope listeners take away from "Enter the Darkness?"

Ensuring that you care for yourself and your mental health is important. Being available to everyone and not yourself will be a painful experience, so make sure you give yourself the love you give everyone.

What’s your favorite lyric you’ve written, and why does it stand out to you?

"How deep is your need to be admired? You can't right the wrong that transpired"


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