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Vanessa Lio Tells Us It Was “All In Vain”

Vanessa Lio's newest single, "All in Vain," is a hauntingly beautiful ballad that speaks to the heart of anyone who has ever experienced the pain of a one-sided relationship. From the first few notes, the listener is drawn in by Lio's soulful voice and the raw emotion that she pours into every line.

Born to play music, Vanessa Lio has been singing and performing professionally since 2012. However, her love for music began very young, as she always sang around the house and with her family. As a teenager, she started writing poetry and lyrics and discovered that she had a passion for singing. Her lyrics are honest and thought-provoking, often tackling tragedy and death, love and heartbreak, unhealthy and toxic relationships, and mental health.

In "All in Vain," Lio's lyrics are particularly poignant as she sings about the pain of watching someone destroy a relationship she has worked so hard to build. She asks, "How do you expect me to sit here and watch you burn down this place?" Her voice is filled with frustration and heartache as she pleads with her partner to see the good she has done, saying, "When the reason you refuse to believe in me is cuz you don't see what I put down?"

The song's chorus is powerful and catchy, with Lio belting, "All in, all in vain, decisions, all in vain, these feelings all in vain, this whole thing is all in vain,” an actual top-of-the-mountain moment in the song. The repetition of these lines creates a sense of hopelessness and despair as if Lio is resigned to the fact that she can do nothing to save this relationship.

Lio's voice is filled with a sense of urgency throughout the song as if she is desperately trying to reach her partner before it is too late. She sings as the pain in her voice is crushing, as if she is on the verge of tears. The music accompanying Lio's vocals is also a driving force, with a deep mysterious bass that lingers in the background, guiding you to a massive chorus that seemingly explodes out of nowhere!

The production, done by Atom of Cuginihub in Vaughan, Ontario, Canada, is excellent, perfectly balanced with every note and nuance. The overall effect is melancholy, with the music and lyrics working together to create a hauntingly beautiful ballad.

"All in Vain" is a powerful and emotional song that showcases Vanessa Lio's talent as a singer and songwriter. It is a song that speaks to the heart of anyone who has ever experienced the pain of a one-sided relationship and is sure to resonate with listeners worldwide. With more music and performances planned for the rest of 2023, it is clear that Vanessa Lio is a rising star in the music industry and one to watch in the years to come.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Vanessa Lio. Congratulations on letting your soul out on "All in Vain," a powerful and emotional song. What inspired you to write such a raw and heartfelt ballad?

Thank you so much for the kind words and warm welcome. Writing is a very therapeutic experience for me. Whenever I experience emotions that are too overwhelming to keep inside, I have to write about them and sing about them. This song was specifically written after experiencing several relationships, some romantic and some friends, where I was giving too much and putting much more effort into it than I was receiving. You realize that at the end of the day, you must ensure that you are taking care of yourself, your mental well-being and your overall health.

How did you come to work with Atom of Cuginihub on the production of "All in Vain?"

I met Atom a couple of years ago when he produced my previous single, "The Way I Feel." We had such a genuine connection, and it was a pleasure getting to know him and I quickly realized that we had similar outlooks and values. When I came up with the idea for "All in Vain," I messaged him a couple of days later, knowing I needed to bring this song to life. I went to the studio and showed him the chords I had in mind, along with the lyrics and melody. We like to discuss emotion and the story trying to be conveyed. He finds a chord progression and vibe we like, and it all comes together. I remember getting into the vocal booth and just letting it all out. We were so excited about the demo we came up with that day.

The lyrics in "All in Vain" are very personal and reflective. Do you find sharing such intimate experiences through your music challenging, or is it a cathartic process for you?

I find it challenging to share intimate experiences outside of my music. For various reasons, it takes a lot for me to get close to someone. It is an entirely cathartic and emotional experience for me to write songs and sing them. I often say that music is the only thing that truly understands me entirely.

"All in Vain" is a departure from some of your previous work. How do you feel your sound has evolved over the years, and what inspired this shift in style?

This shift in style has opened up a whole side of me that I always knew was inside of me but didn't know how to grab it. Working with Atom is absolutely the puzzle piece that allowed for that growth and shift. I have also been blessed to work with amazing musicians over the last year. Particularly my friend Dan, who I have played gigs with many times before. He has brought a very stylistically beautiful talent with his guitar playing, and I feel entirely lucky to have that accompaniment.

This is just the beginning of what's to come from your music career in 2023. Can you give us hints or teasers about what your fans can expect from you in the coming months?

I have a music video for "All in Vain" that is being released soon, I will be performing a lot, and there are definitely more songs coming out. Let's say I am very excited about what is in store for 2023 and ready to share it with the world.


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