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Vanity Wyze & Sonny King “Stayed Down,” To Come Up

Whenever rapper and recording artist Vanity Wyze pairs with producer and recording artist Sonny King, we know we're in for a treat. The boys are back and better than ever with their latest inspirational single and music video, "Stayed Down."

Vanity Wyze made a name for himself in our cut-throat industry by molding his approach to rap based on the unique stylings of the North and South. He currently works full-time side-by-side with legendary Sonny King at Musicbykinginc and Music for Love International charity and record label.

The pair's previous single, "I Won't Miss," was a featured track on NBA 2K and was the chosen song for James Harden's 2021 highlight reel. Their newest heavy-hitter, "Stayed Down," was featured on the soundtrack to Lizzo's hit TV show, Watch Out for the Big Grrrls, featuring other powerhouse acts like Cardi B, Missy Elliott, Latto, DJ Khaled, DMX, Mariah Carey, and more.

"Stayed Down" is an inspirational, feel-good hit that kicks off with the smoothest hip-hop production and sweet guitar samples, leading us to the punchy verse. Sonny King's melodic and exciting vocals pump through our speakers with confidence and optimism, encouraging us to continue to grind and reach our desires no matter what it takes.

Before we know it, Vanity Wyze smokes our speakers with authority and endurance through equally motivational bars that have us excited to stay on the grind and reap the rewards. Sonny King's smooth vocals and toe-tapping production paired with Vanity Wyze's charismatic bars and attention-commanding performance is a recipe for success, and this track is no exception.

Allow Vanity Wyze and Sonny King to help you reach your goals and desires with their motivational new single, "Stayed Down," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Vanity Wyze. We can't get enough of the catchy melodies and exciting bars within your new single with Sonny King, "Stayed Down." What inspired you two to create this motivational track?

My producer Sonny King emailed me the beat and the hook. I put my headphones on and began to write. I felt it needed a quicker flow to contrast the melody of the hook. The quicker flow also allowed me the opportunity to implement more lyrics in the verse. My lyrics were inspired by the times in the past I was down and didn't have much and the possibility of what I could bring to fruition. I wanted to relate to people with similar origins. So not only was I inspired by the hook which guided my lyrics. I wanted to talk about the success I plan to achieve.

What's a day in the studio like for you and Sonny King? What was that behind-the-scenes process like when creating "Stayed Down"?

A day in the studio is never exactly the same, but we do have a format. I tend to come to the studio prepared for the song on schedule. We usually chop it up about goals and updates with the music. Oh, yeah a glass of water, no ice to protect my voice, lol. Then we proceed to complete masterpieces. The actual session was exhilarating. It was different because the flow was different from usual, but it was necessary to capture the details.

What was it like creating the picturesque music video for "Stayed Down"? Did you have any directors, producers, or videographers help execute your vision?

It was a motion picture. Shout to my videographer Trey McKee, Music for Love, and My producer for helping bring the visuals to life. It was a great experience. We scoped out the city for the best shots then we executed. Even though I'm from Greensboro the team and I wanted to bring visuals of the different areas of North Carolina to light. What would be better than Charlotte, where the Hornets and Panthers play? The Polaris Slingshot was perfect to explore the city. The Melo Ball Jersey also represents my long relationship with basketball. "I been hooping since a youngin' "

If listeners could take away one thing from "Stayed Down," what would you want that to be?

Well, I actually have three takeaways: Pay all success forward, Lose the ego, and Never give up! I want to give a personal thank you to all the love and support from my team and the music lovers. I'm truly honored and grateful for NBA2k and Brooklyn Nets for featuring my song "I Won't Miss". Also recently, "Stayed Down" starred in Lizzo's hit show Watch Out For The Big Grrrls. This goes to show how a kid struggling to find his way in the jungle of life can turn mud into marble.


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