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VATTICA Releases Impressive New Single Called “We Survive”

VATTICA is an alternative rock band based out of Los ANgeles, California. The group formed in 2014 and has since built up an impressive local fan base in southern California, playing on the infamous Sunset Strip and notorious venues such as The Viper Room, The Roxy Theatre, The Troubadour, The Echo, to name just a few. Another Century/Century Media Records signed the band after catching one of their infamously energetic live performances. In 2017, they recorded their album at The Mix Room in Burbank, California, working with veteran producer Ben Grosse (Breaking Benjamin, Daughtry, Filter, RED, Vertical Horizon, Third Eye Blind, STARSET). It was during this period that VATTICA decided to join forces with new management, releasing their first single “REMEMBER TO BREATHE” in May 2018 under their own label, Villis.

“We Survive” is VATTICA’s recently released single. Within the first several seconds, one is hit with a wall of sound, with huge sounding drums and lush sounding instruments. After a brief introduction, these instruments drop out and the vocals enter accompanied by some light piano. Immediately, it is very clear that this rock group has a very polished and refined sound. The arrangement is a perfect balance of energetic moments juxtaposed with softer elements. “We Survive” will also be featured as a music video for release in 2019. This is a modern day rock anthem, and we highly encourage everyone to check out VATTICA’s “We Survive”.

Listen to “We Survive” here and get to know more about VATTICA below!

Thanks so much for catching up with us! First and foremost, would you mind describing how this group met and got together?

Alexander: Prentice and I have known each other for years. We started playing music together young. VATTICA was formed when we moved to Los Angeles from the Bay Area in 2009. 

Collectively, who would you say your biggest artistic influences are?

Alexander: Green Day, Our Lady Peace, Linkin Park, Eve6, The Beatles, B.B. King, Johnny Cash, Prince, NIN...I mean we’re influenced by everything. Any experience can be an influence. 

Prentice: For the band, Our Lady Peace.

What does your whole songwriting process look like? How do these songs take shape?

Alexander: It’s collaborative. We write and agree on chord progression and rhythm and then I write the melody & lyrics. Prentice: Yes, someone will come up with an idea, then we bounce it back n forth until something works!

You’ve played at a lot of infamous venues in Los Angeles. How would you describe the overall music scene today in LA?

Alexander: It feels kinda lost and really spread out to me. Like, there’s a lot of talented artists here, but not one cohesive scene at the moment. 

Prentice: There’s a lot of rock here, but you need to find the area that fits your brand of rock. For example, Sunset Blvd is a world away from Silverlake in regards to rock music.

You have a single called “We Survive” which seems to have an anthem-like quality. Did you have a particular message behind the music?

Alexander: The message of We Survive is just that; survival in the face of overwhelming odds. The song is about not giving up on your dreams, your love, your life, what have you. It’s about daring to have hope in dark times. 

What can we hope to see from VATTICA in the future?

Alexander: Well, we just released a new single and finished shooting a music video for it that’ll be out later this month! We’ve got a bunch of stuff going on so head over to or say hi to us on Instagram @vattica!


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