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Venture Through the Streets of “Brooklyn,” With Mariessoul

Paving the way for female hip-hop rappers by way of Brooklyn, NY, songwriter, rapper, and hip-hop artist Mariessoul unleashes the eerie tales of her hometown in a new single and music video entitled “Brooklyn.”

Raised on the sounds of Otis Redding, Sam Cooke, Aretha Franklin, and more, Mariessoul’s brother later broadened her horizons and introduced her to Biggie Smalls, DMX, Eminem, and Method Man, where she instantly grew a profound passion for the art of rap. After her brother decided to part ways with his rap career, Mariessoul felt compelled to pick up where he left off and venture into the music industry.

Now releasing her intense and cut-throat single, “Brooklyn,” Mariessoul also released an equally compelling music video that expands on the scary sights seen in her hometown. While delivering a ferocious and heated vocal delivery, Mariessoul leaves us in a state of shock with help from her accompanying visuals.

Hitting play on the single, “Brooklyn,” the track opens with a plucky guitar sample and crisp drum breaks that set the song’s moody and intense tone. As Mariessoul grooves her way into the track, she lights our fire with her powerhouse bars that let us into the trials and tribulations of a Brooklyn native. We adore Mariessoul’s passion when delivering her bars, as her pronunciation and articulation hit us with nothing but power and vitality. As she expands on the zoo that is Brooklyn, we make our way over to the music video for a laidback visual experience.

Taking a look at the music video for “Brooklyn,” the video kicks off with Mariessoul slowly strolling through a cemetery while cutting to scenes of her in front of the New York skyline. Dressed to the nines in her beige trench coat and Dior pendant, Mariessoul and her confidence beam through her performance like a bright sun-ray. As she continues grooving through the cemetery and back to the river, the video comes to a close while leaving us a tad bit intimidated to visit the famous city.

Take a virtual trip to “Brooklyn” with Mariessoul’s latest single and music video, available on YouTube and all digital streaming platforms.

Thank you for joining us at BuzzMusic Mariessoul. What an intense and punchy experience you’ve given us with your latest single, “Brooklyn.” What inspired you to write a single based on the ins and outs of Brooklyn?

I was born and raised in a borough I watched change right before my eyes. When gentrification took place, I watch a lot of my friends and family leave the city due to the skyrocketing cost to live in taxes. In many ways, Brooklyn changed but in many ways, it still stayed the same due to the crime and violence it’s also known for. There are certain parts of Brooklyn one being the projects you can’t go to for good reason. If you're not from there or know someone from there you don’t go unless you looking for trouble. I wanted to shed light on the city I knew and the city I know. Expanding on your music video for “Brooklyn,” did you work with any directors, videographers, or editors when creating the video?

I worked with one videographer to shoot & edit the video. I came up with the visual direction of the video. I styled myself although I did consult about it I ultimately choose to dress. Only I could bring the vision of my music to life. What inspired the cemetery scenes in your music video for “Brooklyn?" How does this scene enhance your lyrical theme?

The cemetery scene was actually a dedication to my stepfather that passed away. The relationship with shared change my life. He was my best friend. Losing him changed my life. It was my first experience with grief. When I began my music he was always advocating for me to pursue my dreams. Before he passed he wanted to join me at the studio and he never got to. So I brought the music to him.

How does the track “Brooklyn” fit into the vibe and theme of your recent 11-track album, ‘The Evolution of Mariessoul Personified?'

It fits perfectly into the story being told in each track. It shares a piece of me. Starting from the first line. I left the wound unhealed years later what it revealed brought back demons swore I killed. It’s a metaphor for not dealing with my pain and trauma thinking I can leave it behind just for it to catch up to me.

What's next for you?

I’m currently working heavily on my next album. I may not release another project this year because I wanna make sure it meets my standards. I construct my albums and visuals from beginning to end. So I want my listeners to hear the growth and difference in my sound as I continue to grow as an artist. I always look to work with new artists and producers.

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