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Veruca Moon Melts Your Heart With Her Delicate Heartbreak Anthem “Let Me Go”

How can love give so much and take it away after?

Hailing from the vast expanses southwest of Western Australia, Veruca Moon’s electric energy at live shows has quickly become a local legend. Growing up in a musical environment rich with folk influences, she’s cultivated a unique blend of country, jazz, and folk that has kept audiences spellbound, holding on to the edge of their seats.

Managing to make releases as deep with substance as they are compelling, listening to Moon’s releases feels like she’s transporting you to a different world, lit up by music and tempered by her spirit.

Now based in Boorloo/Perth, Moon’s been steadily building a name for herself as one of the most exciting newcomers in the business. Performing along with her eponymous band, she’s quickly become a go-to live performer at venues all across her state.

Equally as good in the studio as she is live, it’s clear that this burgeoning star is destined for big things, and when the music is this good, it’s hard not to be too excited. With a smooth yet brooding lyrical style and music that comes straight from the heart, Moon is like a breath of fresh air in the industry, and whichever musical adventure she decides to take us on next, we’ll be there.

The gentle guitar melts your heart from the moment “Let Me Go” begins. Moon describes “Let Me Go” as a delicately layered heartache anthem, which rings true. It’s a little bit of a slow burn, but Moon’s soft yet compelling vocals evoke greater and greater emotion as the song continues.

As she tenderly sings lines like “How could your love just let me go like that / How could your love just keep me coming back,” emotions swell and burst forth before receding, only to return in a bittersweet ebb and flow. Every part of this release feels in harmony, but Moon’s vocals steal the show, delivering an enchanting performance that feels as intimate as it is.

Veruca Moon’s latest release, “Let Me Go,” is a delicate heartbreak anthem that will sweep you up in your feels and melt your heart. Whenever you’re ready, tap in and stream Veruca Moon’s latest release, “Let Me Go,” out now.

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