Vibe Out To Gen-Direct's New Single "3AM"

Gen-Direct, an Urban artist from Ontario, Canada recently dropped a new single titled “3AM”, a follow up song to his debut single “Beautiful Life”. “3AM” would be described as dark, frustrated and sexual. Co-produced by rising Canadian producer SHWAH, "3AM" is the perfect song to vibe out to on those late night drives especially when you have a specific someone on your mind!

"3AM" is sensual and touches base on lust rather than love. With a fresh trap beat and smooth sailing vocals, Gen-Direct conveyed the “temptation” element he was aiming for effortlessly. I like how the tune sets the mood for the title. It’s definitely a late night hit that creates the perfect atmosphere for the setting of the song. Just before the kick drum comes in, a sultry late night mood is set as he requests his girl to “throw em away”

One thing is certain about this artist... whenever Gen-Direct is near, a vibe is sure to be felt. Keep your eye out for Gen-Direct as 2019 is set to be this artists biggest year yet.

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