Vibe Out With Zach Martin's New Song "Breakin' Out"

Talented 25 year old pop/R&B fusion artist Zach Martin brings us a fusion of two genres.

His taste and influences varies from Bruno Mars to Otis Redding. His influences can be seen

through Zach’s ability to effortless sing beautiful along with songwriting, and production.

“Breaking out” is a great song to introduce the listener to the blend of pop/R&B.

Zach Martin's new track "Breakin Out" gives us empowering and peaceful vibes especially with the small intro he gives by just inhaling. It helps capture the listener and give them a perspective to look from. The listener can take this track as an encouragement to get out of one’s comfort zone. The production quality is so crisp and clear and adds to the powerful message this song has. Martin showcases his stellar vocals in this track with belty choruses and catchy verses. If you are looking for some encouragement or just to stand on your two feet, Zach Martin is the artist for you. Finding peace and overcoming challenges are things that every person goes to. Especially in music, you

have to choose whether to be fully committed and to not give up despite “storms coming your

way”. We find that Zach Martin is sharing the peace that he has found even when facing every

battle that comes his way. He knows that he will go through struggles and will always overcome

because his love for music is so strong. A beautiful track indeed.

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