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Vibe to the Natural Grooves of "11TH STREET"

Collaborating once again in order to produce yet another energetic single, New York’s Young God Blow and Houston’s DAM3 give the people what they want with their most recent treasure.

Young God Blow draws influence from the diverse cultures and music of the Afro-Latinx community in which he was raised, while DAM3 takes inspiration from connecting with artists such as Kendrick Lamar, Lil Skies, and J Cole.

Piggybacking off the momentum of their previous single, ‘SCORES,’ which netted over 73 thousand streams on Spotify alone, DAM3 and Young God Blow are back with “11TH STREET,” the summer bop that lyrically displays why they’re garnering the attention that they continue to reign in.

Displaying the dynamic essence of “11TH STREET,” Young God Blow and DAM3 can be heard exuding their talents through melodically pulsating instrumentation. Meshing together with colossal 808’s, vibrant synths, and graceful ease that has you swaying effortlessly into the grooves conveyed, this record stems from a fortified foundation that charismatically screams, ‘certified hit.’

The clear and present vocal delivery from each artist allows their buttery cadences to cascade with the instrumentation as everything lends together in unity; proving that the mix quality is at an elevated level. Both Young God Blow and DAM3 have something different to offer up in terms of their artistic techniques, yet cohesively remain on the same page for the vigorous display of lyricism and hard-hitting vibration emanating from “11TH STREET.”

Smooth with the verses they portray, we admire the knack of wordplay that provokes thoughts and allows your mind to be stimulated as you take in the overall quintessence of this single. Being created on a whim as DAM3 and Young God Blow were riding around Downtown Huntsville at night, the bright essence of those influential moments seep through every word showcased as you transport yourself to the deliberating connotations instilled in “11TH STREET.”

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Young God Blow, and DAM3. With yet again, another vibrant single from you both; we would love to know what it was like working together to bring “11TH STREET,” to life?

Just like any other previous release DAM3 & I always click on a cohesive level. Whether it's me sending him some stuff or vice versa we know how to bring out each other's best energy. “11TH STREET” was no different, we wanted to do something fun & coming right out of releasing “SCORES” we knew that vibe had to continue.

How does the creation and recording process of this track compare to that of “SCORES?"

“11TH STREET” is honestly the first time we worked on a song in the studio together, me (young god blow) being from New York & DAM3 being from Texas we always had to work long distance on projects, but being able to have all of our ideas and energy in the same room made for an amazing creative atmosphere. Sending each other music could not compare to actually being in the same place & bouncing that creative aura from one to another. We had an idea, it worked and we made it happen as simple as that.

Being created in such an organic way, is this generally how ideas flow between you as a duo and as solo artists?

Besides being music creatives DAM3 and I are also really good friends. We’re both very passionate and serious about our craft & the goals we created for ourselves. Having our goals align in a very similar way helps us accomplish the ideas we have creatively, whether that be music videos, songs, or anything else in that realm. I feel like we bring out the best in each other, and that's what makes our working dynamic so fluid. We plan all our moves strategically even helping each other with solo projects.

What are you hoping that your audience takes away from “11TH STREET?"

Just to kick back and have a fun time. We planned our summer ahead and this is the calm before the storm. The perfect song to just vibe out with your friends, your significant other, or even alone on a late-night car ride. It creates an atmosphere of just being laid back & enjoying the now because that's how it felt making it.

What's next for you?

We’re releasing singles both collaboratively & separately for the entire summer with June being the month of solo drops. DAM3 is releasing “Nobody” a single reflecting back on how much he's lost in these past few years June 10th and Young God Blow is diving into the hyper pop scene with the lyrical and energetic “ENERGY” ready to hit all platforms June 25th.



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