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Vibing With Amanda Holley’s Visual Magic In “Ride Or Die”

Dive into the sultry universe of Amanda Holley's latest R&B/pop masterpiece, "Ride Or Die," and prepare to be swept away in a wave of emotions that hits harder than a summer heatwave. "Ride Or Die" isn't just a song; it's a sonic journey you and your ride-or-die are about to embark on.

With sonic and visual components that go hand-in-hand, the cohesive creativity that unfolds is breathtaking and utterly reminiscent of what Amanda Holley brings. Picture this: the music video opens with Amanda in a mesmerizing blue and black moto jacket, her voice dripping with raw emotion as she belts the heart-wrenching lyrics.

Panning through memories of her and her ride-or-die, Amanda Holley, in scenic landscapes that cast a montage, the camera cuts to shots of her in a sleek car, cruising through the town, and then in the comfort of her confinement driven by the universe doing what she loves by the piano. And just when you thought it couldn't get any more hypnotic, the beat drops, and a stunningly choreographed dance number takes center stage, amplifying the song's intensity tenfold.

But let's talk about Amanda herself – a force of nature, a vocal powerhouse that channels Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey vibes. The visuals are a compelling mix of her passionate performance and scenes of her in that stylish car, each frame oozing charisma and attitude that'll have you hooked from start to finish.

"Ride Or Die" isn't just any song; it's an anthem of unconditional love, a call to be there for the ones who matter most, even amid chaos. With a 5-octave range that could move mountains, Amanda's vocals soar effortlessly over a retro-infused beat courtesy of OHKAY LAWS. This song isn't just catchy; it's a melodic potion bound to get stuck in your head for days.

So, buckle up because "Ride Or Die" isn't just a song you listen to; it's an experience you immerse yourself in. The music video embodies Amanda Holley's magnetic energy, an enchanting tale of love, passion, and unbreakable bonds. As the sun sets on summer, let this song be the soundtrack to your journey, your late-night escapades, and your ride-or-die kind of love.

"Ride Or Die" is a mesmerizing journey that combines soulful melodies with a striking visual narrative in the music video. Can you tell us the inspiration behind the video's concept and how it aligns with the song's message?

"RIDE OR DIE" took so much of my soul as a performer and songwriter. Because of this, I had to let the music guide me to the concept for this video! When I sing and write, I see music in pictures - so a lot of what you see on screen is what I'm feeling and visualizing when I was in the vocal booth. The surrender to true love and art is beautiful, surreal, exciting, gritty, and even a little dangerous - especially when we have been through so much. Risking it all and choosing to believe in genuine love and be "Ride Or Die" for that person - especially when the odds have been stacked against us - requires us to leave a painful past behind, dare to go to uncharted territory, and hop in that fast car with the one you choose to ride with through "all the curves and ups and downs."

I wanted our locations, cars/vehicles, and the story to reflect that journey - from the heartbreak to the daydream and, ultimately, our surrender. We started literally "off-grid" in the mountains of Southern Cali after a record-breaking snowfall - even getting those shots was a little dangerous! Then, we shot the rooftop burner phone scene and the scene with the dancers. We finally end up on the foggy Pacific Coast Highway, leaving the burner phone behind and cruising together into our future in love and life.

We're obsessed with the choreographed dance number in the music video. How did the idea for incorporating dance into the video come about, and what emotions were you hoping to convey through the choreography?

So much about "Ride Or Die" is urban and rhythmic - just like my life. I wanted to ensure we carried that rhythm throughout the story via the choreography! Jesse Le and I talked about collaborating, and it felt right to have the guys be a part of this video! I also wanted a male perspective to the visuals - that would help convey the song's emotions in another voice. Jesse took the choreo to another level when he integrated the lyrics into the movements for himself, Brian, and Patrick. I'm so thankful - they killed it for me!

"Ride Or Die" has garnered significant attention, with features on iHeartRadio, The Hype Magazine, and various Spotify playlists. How does it feel to see your song resonate with such a wide audience, and what do you think sets it apart from other tracks in your discography?

I'm excited to see "Ride or Die" take off and reach so many souls! This modern love story is not just mine; it's universal. Every time the record gets spun on an iHeart Station, featured in another magazine, or added to another extensive playlist, it makes my heart flutter because, for this song, I was singing my heart out in the booth - on the verge of tears. My songs are like my babies - every piece has a life of its own, and each record changes me somehow when I create and perform it. This record bridges the gap from my roots as a soul singer to the commercial and the street. Seeing how many believers in love there are and how much this moment resonates with those craving something truly beautiful.

As we know, collaboration is key in creating hits such as "Ride Or Die." Can you walk us through the creative process of co-writing the song with producers like OHKAY LAWS and Chico Bennett? How did these collaborations enhance the final product?

It was amazing how this record evolved from the first time Korey (OhKayLaws) blessed me with the track to when I crafted new lyrics and melodies with Chico Bennett! Chico is also an incredible producer and vocal producer and wanted us to all dig deep with the performance! He demanded that I deliver with everything I had - not just stick to what sounds pretty or is considered commercial! I had to surrender to the creative process, my producers and co-writers, and all my emotions. We each put so much love into the record and challenged ourselves to go deeper beneath the surface to elevate the message of ride-or-die love.

What's next for you?

I'm so thankful to be able to reach the masses with passion, love, and soul, and I am so excited for what's next! We have a deck of upcoming releases from my EP, The HolleyGraphic EP, film and reality TV projects, and new live show dates/ tour dates! It means everything to me to be there for others through music, like music has always been there for me!

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