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Vic Vegas Digs Deep in "Wine, Women & Song"

Artist, producer and singer/songwriter Vic Vegas is a true, seasoned performer within his hometown.

Taking the time to rack up an authentic following, Vic Vegas hustles and bustles to get his resilient sound out to music listeners. His latest project includes an album, titled 'Gabirel,' which is rooted in his ultimate faith and deeper understanding of himself.

The album hones into the realities of everyday life, including the current social climate we reside in. Produced entirely by Vic Vegas himself, 'Gabriel' is full of Vic Vegas' soul, humility and honesty, so buckle up and prepare yourself for a thought-provoking ride.

"Wine, Women & Song" is one particular track off of 'Gabriel' that sparks a ton of interest with its alluring, deep underground rap style. Vic Vegas takes listeners through his life in this track, spitting lines that carry a seriously intriguing and full of depth narrative. He takes the time to speak on his mother, her struggles, and his everyday perspective as a result of the tribulations he experienced. "Wine, Women & Song" is listeners' opportunity to see and understand Vic Vegas in a more thorough sense by getting a stronger grasp on his life story and the nuances he wants to share.

The delivery in "Wine, Women & Song" is kept pretty consistent, as Vic Vegas puts most of his efforts into relaying a confident and impassioned performance. If you're a true fan of the early 00's rap scene, and we really mean that authentic and quality sounding rap flair, then Vic Vegas is the match made in heaven for you, as he's bringing the era back in full tilt and solidifying his resilient presence as a result.

Vic Vegas' album 'Gabriel,' and its track "Wine, Women & Song" are available on major streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Vic Vegas, and congratulations on the debut of your album 'Gabriel.' How does it feel to finally have your project released and out to the music world?

It feels great to have this project out and present it to the listeners.

One of the tracks presented on 'Gabriel,' "Wine, Women & Song," was quite intriguing with its offered story. Can you share the real meaning behind this song and the perception you have regarding its narrative?

"Wine, Women and Song" is basically a song about me as an artist finding my passion and my purpose and using my music to relay a message to the public about the current social and economic climate that affects poor people in all communities. It's quite impressive that you produced the entirety of 'Gabriel.' Did you run into any challenges constructing and generating the album, specifically with its song "Wine, Women & Song?"

As far as producing the album 'Gabriel' the only challenge was challenging myself...As artists we're always chasing perfection...We want every project to be cohesive and for it to make sense...I feel that I accomplished that with 'Gabriel' and "Wine, Women and Song" is a component that reflects my thoughts and a view from my perspective.

What was the main purpose for creating "Wine, Women & Song?" What ambiance and general effect were you hoping to elicit with the song?

The purpose behind "Wine, Women and Song" was to paint a mental picture of the social and economic elite that affects poor people and bring awareness to the challenges we're met with every day.

What's next for you?

Next up for Vic Vegas will be a follow-up album to 'Gabriel' entitled 'Radiation' as well as a visual for Wine, Women, and Song." New merch from my clothing line: Forty Hours Apparel, so stay tuned.


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