Victoria Rose Pushes Doubt to the Side in, "Confused"

Growing up on the Monongahela River in southwestern Pennsylvania, Victoria Rose’s love affair with country music began at an early age while cruising the waters on her family boat.

Blending traditional and contemporary country music, she garnered an appreciation for legendary icons such as Dolly Parton and Hank Williams Jr., along with her childhood favorites Carrie Underwood and Little Big Town.

While Victoria Rose is most certainly characterized by her songwriting ability, sassy lyrics, and crisp twangy vocals, what lies beneath is the tenacity and determination that will put her on the path to success. She expertly balances young-hearted romanticism with sophistication to offer a relatable quality that country music fans alike, can latch onto.

Bringing ourselves to Victoria Rose’s most recent body of work, we’re thrilled to dive into her five-track self-titled EP.

Placing our utmost attention on the vibrant flair of the lead single, “Confused,” we tiptoe into the charismatic universe of Victoria Rose at her finest. This power Pop ballad takes full control of your cognizant thoughts as you immediately get pulled into her prevailing timbres which showcase intricate lyrics shaped around a narrative of mixed signals in a relationship.

Belting out this passion-fueled anthem in a way that sends chills down our spine, we deeply feel the themes that Victoria Rose places in front of her audience. With the song’s subject matter being shaped by a personal experience that Victoria Rose encountered, the storyline at hand unveils a vulnerable perspective as we peek into the insight of Victoria Rose’s frustration while being stuck in the friend zone.