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Villain The Kidd Intoxicates Us With The Release Of His Impassioned Hit, “Faded”

Colton, California, native Villain The Kidd has only been creating original music for a mere two years now. Though he lacks a seasoned veteran’s lifetime of experience, he makes up for it with his genuine talent and authenticity.

The eccentric rapper uses his art to escape his pain and help his fanbase deal with personal traumas. Voicing his thoughts on toxic relationships and life-draining events, Villain The Kidd is a conduit for the broken-hearted.

With heavy references to drug use, anxiety and depression, his music takes inspiration from rappers like Trippy Redd and Juice WRLD, incorporating the genres of Pop Punk and Emo Trap to create his own sound.

Utilizing his melodic style and unfeigned songwriting technique, Villain The Kidd blesses his fans with the release of his latest single “Faded.” A poetic cry of suffering, “Faded” gives listeners an in-depth look into his reasoning and mind state, and his emotional vulnerability compels you to fall for the artist, as well as his music.

Dive into the turbulent waters of Villain The Kidd today.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Villain The Kidd! We love the emotion that you pour into your latest release “FADED.” With such deep content swimming throughout the lyrics performed, what is the meaning that you’ve placed into this song?

I was at a low point in my life, to be honest, I was hesitant about my music career and didn’t think it was going anywhere but I never gave up and I’m glad I didn’t because now I’m doing shows out in Hollywood and I’ve lost a lot in my life recently but also gained so much more than I had. In the end, I just vented out my emotions in the studio one night and created this track and the fans went crazy for it.

Could you please shine a light on what the creative process looked like when bringing “FADED” to life?

I just grabbed all that negative energy in my past, for example, toxic relationships, depression, anxiety, and how they all make me feel.

Were you already in this emotional state or did you have to tap back into it in order to give this song a true representation of your thoughts and emotions?

I would say it was a little bit of both, I was down and low in my life when I created this track. This track literally paints a picture of how I get when I’m in this type of mental abyss empty like state where I don’t really care about anything but even during all this sadness comes a cocky type of anger where I really don’t care what anyone gots to say and how I live my life.

You’ve faced a lot the past couple of years in terms of trials and tribulations. What has been the biggest takeaway that you have received from it all?

I would say the biggest takeaway that I gained throughout all my trials and tribulations is just done you and don’t give a damn what the haters say, they always finna talk just live your best life and become the best you who cares if you come off as an asshole but sometimes you gotta be or else people will step on you

With influences in the musical department that speak directly into your sound, what non-musical influences do you have that do the same?

My biggest influences with my musical sound I would say are a lot of juice WRLD, trippie redd, and Post Malone.

What is the best piece of advice that you’ve received throughout your career as an artist this far?

My fans honestly they are truly the best and loyal of just how I’m still a nobody my fans/followers like on Instagram or people that DM me literally make my shows out in Los Angeles I mean I am not even signed in the industry yet but I know I’m gon be somebody one day and ima take everyone that believed in me with me to the TOP!!!


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