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Villain The Kidd Soars in Latest Single "FADED"

Born and raised in Colton, California, the now Corona Hills transplant, Villain the Kidd finds himself artistically influenced by the likes of Ian Dior, Trippie Redd, Juice WRLD, and Machine Gun Kelly. The pop-punk essence of the emerging artist has him dipping into deeper topics that go above and beyond scratching superficial surfaces in the music industry.

Multifaceted with his techniques as a rapper, musician, and producer, he aims to change lives with the tunes that he creates.

Dipping into personal experience, we open our minds to the emotional rollercoaster of Villain The Kidd’s life in his most recent single “FADED.” Speaking of a narrative that tours us through the art of escaping the day-to-day notions surrounding his lifestyle, we hear the result of Villain The Kidd evading to the studio to let it all out.

Using music as a form of therapy, we admire the vast array of rhyme schemes that he presents in his lyrical virtuosity. With instrumentation that throttles through the speakers, we’re immersed in ominous melodies that form the darker resonance reminiscent of reflective hues. It’s apparent through the emotion that Villain The Kidd sheds that he’s looking to connect with those out in the world feeling lost or out of control in the story that steers their own life.

Drowning us in a universe that we can’t help but to relate to, the thought-provoking lyrical motifs emit their own vibrations as the passion poured into “FADED” speaks for itself. Not one to douse himself in the opinions of others, this record marks a new beginning on the sonic path of what Villain The Kidd has in store for us all.

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